2015: Can’t Keep Calm, I am a Mom!


They say some moments last a lifetime. I thought it was just a line romanticised and exaggerated by writers and philosophers. But, 2015 is the year I felt that “moment”. A moment that has changed me and my life completely. It is the year when I have gotten the best gift of my life — my “baby”. Experiencing motherhood, is a feeling like no other. Despite the fear of being judged, I will agree it is not always a “happy” feeling either.

This year hence was a life-changing and life-challenging year for me. I believe this journey I took this year is not only a learning experience for me but for all with me in the same boat. Here are the month-wise highlights of my year:

Jan- February 2015

This part of my life is called- Experiencing the Firsts

being a mother ridiculous.com

This was a year of firsts. January was the ninth month and everyone I met was in anticipation. Other than me. I was so scared and nervous of what might happen when I enter that god forsaken hospital. I kept praying for the little one to take his own time. Alas! he was in a hurry and decided to show up 10 days before the due date.

On February 6th, I experienced extreme levels of “pain” followed by “happiness” for the first time. Always wondered why do women shout during labour. I found my answer this year, it is the battle cry. Hats off to every woman out there who has entered that room and come out victorious after the battle. My love and respect for all the mothers in the world multiplied gazillion times.

I became a mother, felt how it feels to hold a part of you in your hand. Science has answers for everything but this my friend is beyond any logic. To have a ‘person’ inside you for 9 long months and one fine day he/she decides to pop out. Just like that!

March- April

This part of my life is called- Be Strong, Be Patient

Mom and baby riddhiculous

Not only is the labour painful, the first 30 days are a real pain in the #**… literally! I did not have a normal delivery but a backache, the stitches, the sleepless crying nights and the mood swings. Despite having the little gift of god in your hand, you definitely feel, why me?

But, you have to be patient and slowly your body gives in to your new routine. Once you have a baby, one thing you will always keep asking perhaps, till the time he is 2 is — Goodnight Sleep. You wake up every 2 hours for the first 2-3 months and this is if your baby is a quiet one. Mine was a nocturnal colicky little devil. What frightful nights, thanks to my mum and sister, I survived and managed to sleep through those cries. But you need to be patient. Two cranky people just make it worse.

May- June

This part of my life is called- Cuteness Alert

4-up on 17-07-15 at 11.30 pm #9

Slowly, you start appreciating the beauty of it all when your little one opens his/her eyes. When I sat down to admire this little chhotu baby, with tiny hands, tiny feet and their little nose and eyes. Everything is so small and tiny about them. That just helped me to be strong, patient and appreciate the “cute” factor.

The cute factor definitely lets you sail. It helps you get back on social media, because no matter how sleepless you look, he will make it up with his cuteness overload. My baby did seem to be the most beautiful, cutest, luckiest baby in the world — to me. I consider it my responsibility to share his smiles, frowns and cries with your loved ones and even random we-are-not-interested sort of people.

July- Aug 

This part of my life is called- Learning Motherhood

Once you cross the threshold of firsts, smiles and your round of pampering is over. You learn to take care of this little being. You have to learn everything –

Is he/she pooping? what colour is his/her poop?
What should you feed him?
Is he/she breathing loudly?
Why is he/she crying?
Why is he/she not crying?
Which diapers to use?
How long should you use the diaper?
Does he/ she have a stomachache?
Is he/she teething?

And the list is endless, you need one person to trust when it comes to advice. Do not dare to ask too many people. You will end up going bonkers with advice and nuskhas. Learning motherhood is not done by a rulebook. It is not learnt overnight. You learn it every day from day one. Every baby is different and every baby needs to be treated in a different manner. Just take it slow and you will know how to handle things. Breathe in, breathe out!

But, I am not the same person anymore. I just start talking to random kids on the road the moment I see them. As if it is my right now to talk to them and smile at them, because I am a mother.

Sept- Oct

This part of my life is called- Working it out

Once, you try fitting into a schedule and you get bored of being a cow (feeding schedule, sleeping, feeding, sleeping). You decide on resuming your life normally. But, trust me there is no normal after being a mother. Normal as in normal, normal, does not happen normally. I am not discouraging mothers here, but, you appreciate the real beauty of time. You appreciate those two hours when the baby is asleep and you sit down to read a book or apply nail paint or fix yourself a peaceful meal. However, on most occasions, he/she will decide to shit or pee during your meal-times.

Whatever the case is, you will now want to resume with your work life, considering he/she is more than 6 months old. It is going to be tough. But, not impossible. If you have family at home to take care. I am lucky in that matter. Loving grandparents are best friends and super-help. To all those who crib living with parents, you should see the bright side. It is important to have more than one person when you have a baby at home. They are a full-time job. But, if you have someone with you, you can start your vanishing acts and slowly get to a little sanity and peace.

Though, a little secret, you do miss them a lot.  Even when I am working and see his little mug shot smiling on my phone wallpaper or Whatsapp display picture.

November – December

This part of my life is called- Reliving Childhood


They grow up really quickly. It feels like the other day, when it was Feb 6 and think about it, he is already 11 months old or young. My little one is turning out be one real active baby. He keeps all of us on our toes, has a smile to die for. I love when we play peekaboo. It’s his most favourite game. This is the time when I feel like a kid myself. We play “pakdam-pakdai” while he crawls and turns to check if I am following him back or not. That moment when he turns is my favourite moment.

Enjoy the first Christmas, Diwali, Holi and also their monthly birthdays or rather birthdates. It is like a celebration every day. The day they learn to crawl, sit, shout, jump or stand. It is a journey of laughter and smiles on a rickety road with hurdles of teething, severe coughs and cold and sleepless nights.

I am telling you, it is like reliving your childhood and feeling it too. So, no matter how much pain or irritation or frustration you bear. The baby just makes it up for everything. They are beautiful little devils. I think this year has taught me to be a better person. Most of all, it brings you your childhood back.

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  1. Awesome…greatly put words and emotions…May God bless u both 🙂

  2. Couldn’t have written it so well! This actually sums up everything I would have wanted to write for my 2015 also. Liked the titles to each phase and lovely descriptions! A mother and baby are blessings for each other…and thus, every sleepless night and weary day is worth the pain. Afterall, the only pain which is sweet enough. Love.

  3. Krishna KumarFebruary 24, 2016 at 6:01 am

    Excellent …felt while reading like just happening in front of my eyes…


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