Happy Baby, Happy Mother

Riddhiculous happy baby happy mother

Yes, it is true, happy baby is synonymous to happy mother syndrome. You will never find a single mother at peace whose baby is in distress, while she is content. Most common reason for baby distress is lack of proper sleep and of course it is directly proportionate to a mother’s share of sleep.

My recent tryst with such situation got a fresh breath of life when I found the new “Pampers premiere Care Pants.” They are certainly the best “diapers” int he market that I have tried. I am a  new mom and finding the softest baby diapers is no less than a “Yureka” moment for me.

I was to tavel alone with my baby from Mumbai to Delhi. I was wondering how will the baby react to such long time on board with so many restrictions like a full dress, diapers, not so much moving around and ofcourse new place. But, believe me, it was great to see him all eased out. The diapers were so comfortable and not “bulging” out huge like its counterparts that he hardly felt that he was wearing them.

I had no issue at all traveling with him. He enjoyed his flight and I did the same, thanks to him. Here are a few of its best features:

Diapers or no diapers? Happy baby

Softest of all: No kidding this, they are really really soft. Just like satin or cotton balls. NO diaper rash.

Wetness Meter: This was very important for me, as my mother in law always kept asking, are you sure they are not wet, are you sure? This time I was. It tells me if the pants are dry or not.

The look and packaging: They have these cute doodles drawn on the diapers. I love them and my baby plays with them most of the time.

I think these are the best diapers I have tried so far in terms of look, feel, packaging and overall quality of the product. I will definitely recommend this to others.

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