Protect your child from Dengue fever this monsoon

Protect your child from Dengue fever this monsoon

Monsoon is a tough time for everybody. The mosquitoes and insects are on a rise. Water puddles are formed everywhere. However hard you try there is a chance that you might get infected with dengue at some point of time. The disease cannot be eliminated as such but it can be prevented to an extent.

Preventive measures to be taken for Dengue-

  1. Clothing – You can reduce the amount of skin exposed by wearing full sleeved shirts, long pants, and even a hat. Additional measures that can be taken is applying on the clothes while going outside the clothes. The Good knight’s Fabric Roll-On does not allow mosquitoes to come nearby, hence protecting you from all kinds of diseases. It is 100% natural and does not stain the fabric.
  1. Mosquito repellents – Applying mosquito repellent gels can be another measure that can be taken to prevent mosquito bites. Good knight’s mosquito repellent gel, called the Cool Gel can be useful in keeping you protected against mosquitoes. The Cool Gel is a non-sticky cream made out of Aloe Vera which does not cause any rashes on the body when applied.
  1. Stagnant water – Clean out the area surrounding your house where water puddles are formed. The water puddles are a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Also, while camping and going for picnics avoid areas where there is still water.
  1. Mosquito nets – As old school as this may sound, this traditional technique is quite good to keep mosquitoes away. Mosquito nets treated with insecticide are more powerful as compared to the regular nets.
  1. Windows and doors should be shut after dark – Mosquitoes are active throughout the day, but they are most dangerous after the sun sets. So try to be a little cautious after dark. Close all the doors and windows after evening. Structural barriers such as screens or netting can help to keep the mosquitoes out.
  1. Proper water storage – Potable water should be properly stored in a water container. See to it that there is no leak in any water taps. In case there is, just seal it so that no insect can crawl in from there.
  1. Vaccinations – The only vaccine developed against Dengue fever is the Dengavaxia developed by Sanofi Pasteur in December 2015. The vaccine is registered for use by people of ages 9-45. The vaccine is evaluated as a 3 dose series on a 0/6/12 month schedule. (The WHO has not approved this vaccine at the moment, but this a very vital preventive measure against Dengue)

The best defense is a good offense. Hope these measures would be helpful in preventing the Dengue fever.

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