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Colgate charcoal gold brush

I am not that great a morning person and my mother always tells me, “the early bird catches the worm.” This is her mantra on how to turn good mornings into Gold Mornings. She passed on her morning mantra to me, saying waking up early has its own benefits.

In order to make your good morning a great one, here’s the mantra she shared with me–

a) Yoga
b) A glass of warm water with lemon
c) Meditation

Though, I always laugh it off, on 15th of this month, I was in for a surprise. It so happened that I woke up early and followed all these three things. As I always keep telling you, I have an infant at home, he decided to wake me up at 6 am that day. However, he did go back to sleep by 6:30 am itself.

I did not succeed on getting any after that. So, I followed mom’s mantra and had my glass of water, did yoga and while meditating I received a call at 7: am from an unknown number. Initially, I did not receive it, thinking it to be a spam call and also, because I was in dhyan. But, after receiving a few more calls and hearing my door bell ring, I realised someone was calling from outside my home.

Hearing the bell, my husband told me  “don’t step out, just check from the inside, Okay!”

I smiled at the concern and gave him an affirming nod.  There, at the door, was a man, who flashed a smile asking for me, with a big box to deliver. I found out it was from Colgate India to wish me a good morning.

You won’t believe how precious and warm this gesture was. I instantly thought of my mom’s words. If you wake up and get to work early, you will succeed. Perhaps, it was my day. 

After receiving the beautiful huge packet, I found my husband wide awake, excited like a kid to open the box of surprise in my hand. We both unravelled the secrets out of the box and enjoyed our fun morning together.

Lately, the little one and the work life has kept us busy and we hardly get time to spend together. But, thanks to #Colgate360GoldMornings, we did manage a wonderful start to the day.  So, I guess spending some quality time together is a great way to turn your good mornings into gold mornings. 

IMG_20160112_073705I also received a stunner of a #toothbrush from Colgate. To tell you the truth it does set a gold standard of mouth cleaning. Here are my key takeaways from it–


Ah, aren’t we all totally bored of the dull, lifeless whites in our bathrooms? It is high time toothbrushes needed to get some life. Colgate’s sparkly gold toothbrush instills in you the will to face the world with a spark of gold. It inspires you to put forth a fresh stance towards a new day.


The design is young and classic. I love the gold, black combination, the colour scheme is fabulous. The design has definitely been given some real thought. The tongue cleaner right behind the bristles is perfect for reach, flexibility and ease.


The bristles are really soft, the charcoal finish on it is for giving our teeth unique sheen and also to give it a 360-degree protection. The bristles on the teeth felt really light and yet managed to reach even the corners of my mouth.

Gold Morning Colgate Tooth brushTounge Cleaner:

Ohh, how I always wanted my toothbrush to have that tongue cleaner. It certainly is a hand down winner for me. The cleaner is easy to use and very effective.

Overall, I would say the toothbrush and the entire idea of “gold mornings” was a sure success for me. “Jo sowat hai, so khowat hai, jo jagat hai so pawat hai”

What say? have you tried the Colgate ? What is your mantra for gold mornings?

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