Do you mind a Human Relationship?

Every Person has a talent. An inherent talent. Some are good at making up stories, some are like masters in being caught at wrong situations. Some get the guys/girls they like. Many get guys/girls who like them.

Here I am talking about girl(s) who get guys like ‘they just want a girl’. Now this post is no sexist rant or so. just a general observation of certain experiences of what many call eve teasing or morning teasing or just roadside harassing.

So what triggers of such desperation is not rocket science. The mystery is that some girls have this knack for always attracting attention from this these sorta people. Not that they fall into the stupid cliche arguments of ‘plunging necklines or short skirts or exposure’ crap. What are there characteristics, how does it work…

No idea.. Just that out of the series of such instances. I thought lets analyse two.

Lets call these girls – guinea pigs ‘GP’

Scene I

At Delhi University it was around 7/8pm. Outside the station in search for an auto.

A chasmish (bespectacled) guy. all skins and bones (ASAB)

ASAB- Hello
GP- aaain!
ASAB- Madame can I talk?
GP- ehh (to her self, like no way you are goonga) (fastens her steps)
ASAB- Can we be friendship?
GP- Are you from orkut?
ASAB- haiin?
GP- ohh meant no no noway.. (almost runs into a rickshaw. and thus just hops in)

Just FYI- you don’t make/ create/ do or ‘be’ a friendship. (I sound such a geek)

Scene II
GUY no.2 called HR

GP reading Who will cry when you will die? (sequel to the book The Monk who sold the Ferrari)
in the metro. Don’t ask me “Why?” because, I am clueless. May be this triggered off the attention.. possible… ๐Ÿ™‚

HR constantly stares at her, sneaks glances every now and then, while she continues to read,eyes buried deep into the book. The moment she gets off

She realized that a tall dark, not-so-handsome guy, had followed her out and was too eager to have a word with her.

GP rushed out. Took the stairs instead of escalators. (stay fit)

HR- (a fake funny accent) “Ma’am, I wanted to talk to you in the metro.
GP- ehh (confused look) (to her self) Not again
HR- But, I thought I will be insulted if you will say No in the metro.
GP- (now almost outside the station) And you won’t feel insulted if I say it now?
HR- (haiin, yeh toh mein ne socha hi nahi expression) No, no I mean don’t say No.
GP- It’s a NO. and I mean a no.
HR- With such a pretty face you will be having many boyfriends.
GP- like will you please get lost. (Pehli baat toh hai nahi, hai toh Tere ghar se kya jata hai expression)
HR- As you are so pretty. Please, don’t u mind a friend in the Navy?
GP- (saves a giggle) I definitely mind it. I am not interested.
HR- But ma’am atleast talk to me.
GP- “No. Thank you” (now with a stern face and almost running) Stop following me.
GP was now a good distance away but could still hear the guy talking. Suddenly she stopped.

Because, after all attempts of pleasing GP ‘literally’, HR called out,

Ok forget about friendship will you mind a ‘Human Relationship’?

A gush of fresh air, made her silky stresses flow on her face. Her duppatta eager to fly and see the world. Her mind a bit strained.

GP, stood still, trying to figure out, what exactly did he just say and what exactly did he mean.
What is Human Relationship (HR). She wondered.

She almost controlled her urge to say, “Yes, lets go for a coffee and you explain me what sort of new relationship this actually is?”

(All the characters and stories have taken place in reality. They are not creation of my stupid brain. But yes, the exaggeration wherever noticed is the need of the plot. Don’t try this at home they are performed by experts)

PS- I have not reached a conclusion on why certain people/ girls in this case, have this knack for attracting faltu attention or whatever way you term it. samajh toh gaye na. toh ab batao why why why?


  1. I expected HR to stand for Handsome Rich guy – but I was wrong.
    Here is the cure – try being ugly. It will also help if you pick your nose, scartch your head and look at the your nails after the scratching – mutter $#(% lice.
    You could also sing Opera with nonsencical words.
    Let your imagaination run wild.

  2. human relationship ha? is it like a new slang 4 a fling? like how cool would that be…u meet someone n say…"what u doing tonight? how about some human relationship?" ๐Ÿ˜‰

    now coming 2 your question…when u started out the post n mentioned about eve-teasing, i thought it was from the the mawali kinds, that's something i can explain!
    i have no clue what prompts a chasmish geek guy 2 do something like this…n with that description he gotta be terribly low on self confidence (atleast in my books)

    ab kaam ki baat karo…which one of the guinea pig is u? ya phir dono tumhi ho? ๐Ÿ˜›

    word of the day: "brais" ("brace" yourself riddy, blunt edges ne comment kar diya hai!)

  3. @Gray- good idea. But then it might end up being like real dirty sight .and i might be thrown out of the public places… ๐Ÿ˜›

    @bluntu- this is a great pick up line, I was told. innovative hai… yes they are padhe likhe ppl not mawali kinds. that is what all the more scary.
    And about GPs.. both are me sadly ๐Ÿ™ hehehe aise hadse mere saath bahut hotey hein. did not mention the other two three.. but whatever ab itni bhi sundar nahi hun mein.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    And I just braised my self for your comment. u made me wait too long… now my word verification says 'resto'… stop resting u shud be the first one to comment next time.. samjhe.. aaram haraam hai,,

  4. ab doubt nahi tum karna riddy,
    even if i feel a little giddy,
    tumhara blog jab bhi hoga update,
    mera comment nahi hoga kisise late!

    oh-oh…so u have random guys coming upto u n telling u that u are pretty…sahi hai boss…way 2 go ๐Ÿ˜‰

    word of the day: "botoc"…err botox anyone?

  5. Human relationship? great way to make someone stop and think for a second… kya strategy hai boss!
    This stuff has no cure…It's the same everywhere…Its always great to have a friend with u in such situations…But that's just a precaution and we can't predict this stuff…
    And i have no clue why? why? why?

  6. this is thy second post on the "human relationship" guy…seems like you do remmeber him rather vividly :P…if he is a blogger, thou art asking for cyber stalking…beware ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. i donno, maybe because they like that GP… sometimes peer pressure, and sometimes there is a need for geinuine relationship… there are many reasons yaar…

    some do it for just the heck of it, but some really care, you just cant say it all only from just one moment… cause believe me… you will never know about a person from a first conversation. i guarentee you that….

    and you have got me interested… human realtionship…. *thinks* *thinks* no still no answer, care to enlighten me…

    take care and keep writing….

  8. Gosh, Now I literally NEED to know what human relationship means. Maybe one day we all will find out.

    But seriously, does it ever work out? That kind of "doing friendships and HRs"?

  9. LOL

    When I was reading this, I kinda had a feeling ki GP tu hi hai..mere shaq ko tere comment ne yakeen main badal diya.

    Maazedaar post. Me likes ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. All of a sudden I've all this new born respect for Mumbai Chicks. Atleast they bother to keep human relationship. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Lols @ ..tere ghar ka kya jaata hai…

    Lols (with the power of two) ..for revealing what HR stands for ๐Ÿ˜›

    is tht gp u by any chance??

    I just had a poll in my office abt dealing with this types and 2/3 gals said they wud say fuck offf and move ahead third one said she wont even bother to listen or reply!

    Nice post!

  11. @bluntu-
    Better not be late bluntu I will wait..
    Array meri umr se meri twatcha ka pata hi nahi chalta.. haaii daiiya ๐Ÿ˜€
    hanji sorry for delayed reply to the comment ladke. Exams hain.. main final wale.. shit scaed.. just started and al.. so patience banaye rakhen โ€˜botoc(k)e nahiโ€™ as in โ€˜bhatke nahi in bangaliโ€™ ..hehe.. whatever

    Pata nahi kya stratagey hai nim .. and no clue even you.. ๏Œโ€ฆ. Guess next time I shall click photos of the people and then u can photo analyse them my young photographer.. hehe

    @soubhik- array last time he was just remotely mentioned because of a photu.. not a post dedicated to my human rโ€™shp guy.. he deserved it I realised. ๐Ÿ˜€


    Hehhe and see I told u human relationship is interesting.. I wish I had actually asked him.we all wud have found out by now what it means. And also about the genuine ones. U are right I am sure many of them are.. and prejudice or may be the genral lack of security gets them into the โ€˜shadyโ€™ area instead.

    Hehe same we need to figure out man. What exactly it is. HR if u are reading please enlighten there are so many people actually willing to give it a shot just to knw what it means. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Shanu ji mazedar lagi aapko avobhagya humare.. hehe and yes GP was way too obvious.i did not create the mystery suspense drama.. yay.. m such a flop show.. ooohhaaa hooaahaaahaa.. reminds me of the jaspal bhatti show.. that was fun..

    @ BIG Omi
    Hahhaah ok so u have tried human relationship over Mumbai chics. Enlighten us
    Lols @ ..tere ghar ka kya jaata hai…heheh yeah thatโ€™s like my favrte line.. use it all the time.
    Yep itโ€™s me
    thanks for the office poll on such issues.. and I agree with the last one.. wont bother lissning. ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Hahaha…so funny!
    I love the way in which you seem to be forming these acronyms for people and a complete phrase/line for their expressions!
    Wonder though how many calls did that mobile number in the picture receive…and did he/she thank/curse you enough?;-)

    Thank god u have clarified that we do not make/do/be friendship…just should have checked their pronunciation of the word too…firandsheep is what they often say…and I always have to remind myself that it is not a new breed of firang sheep;-)

    Poor, poor GPโ€™s and human relationship…ahem, ahem…wonder how animal relationship would be for him?;-)


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