Beetey pal


Surkh panno per,

lal syahi Ki likhawat

Chand khushiyan,

Naye sapno Ki chahat

Ankahi baatein,

Chhupe armano Ki Aahat

Unki muhabbat,

Woh dabi Muskurahat

Woh nazarien,

un nazaron ki hichkichahat

Beetey afsaano mein

chand alfazo ki taravaat

tum kya samjhoge ?




  1. Wow…
    Wah wah! Wah wah!

    Agar itna sab bolne par bhi
    Woh nahin samjha
    Toh my friend
    He is but a dhakkan.

    My shayari sucks!
    Your words rock! 😀

    Captcha: ofiscera!!?!!

  2. ek dum mast poetry hai baba… mast… riddhi… you are really good.. nice hai, mast hai… 🙂

    take care and keep writing………

  3. Wah Boss! Kya Baat Hai!
    Ekdum touching the gooy part of the heart 😀 😛

  4. subhanallah!

    read it twice n feel like reading it once more…loved it 😀

    word of the day: "buret"

  5. My first time here! Brilliant poetry!

  6. @choco- why do u shut your blog aise achanak se… 🙁
    hehe and thank you for liking it. he probably is a dhakkan.. hehhee
    and 'ofiscera' .. this one is difficult.. hehhe i think it is south indian for 'officer'.. with the exact accent.. 'offiscera offiscera.. lisssunn" 😀

    @thousif-thank you thank you.. and mast hai kyunki mein bahut vyast hun exams mein. 'vyast reho mast reho'..

    @Nim- hahah thank you.. touched 🙂

    subhaanallah..arrey shukria janaab.. 'buret' is ..hmm.. err.. mein lajawaab hun..

    @nikita- m glad that u liked it. thanks a tonne. keep coming


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