My close call with Dengue

My close call with Dengue

Dengue is perhaps one of the most underrated diseases that is plaguing the country today. I remember the time when I was diagnosed with dengue. The memories of that horrendous time are still etched in my mind.

One fine evening I was just strolling around the house when I felt a sudden sharp fever. The fever subsided as quickly as it had spiked. The fever was accompanied by severe joint pains, headache (mostly in the forehead), pain behind the eyes and body ache. Quick internet research on the symptoms I was experiencing told me I probably had dengue. I dismissed this idea and also did not take a Paracetamol tablet as recommended by a few ‘Experts’ on the Internet.

However, after a day of feeling fine, the fever was back again. This time I wanted to take no risks so I went to the doctor straight away. I informed him about the terrible pain in my joints and was given the dreaded response: I could be suffering from Breakbone fever (another name for Dengue fever).

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After examining me thoroughly, the doctor advised blood tests since Dengue and Malaria cases were on a rise at that time. I was also given some painkillers for relief from the pain.

While awaiting the results, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to bear the pain any longer. But the painkillers started doing their job and I was feeling better than before. However, the next day I woke up with a mild fever. The pain in the joints was not felt anymore, but my eyes had now started hurting.

First thing after freshening up, I went to see the doctor who had closely examined my reports by then. He diagnosed that I had dengue and recommended hospitalization for at least a couple of days.

I was administered IV medication and injections to build my immunity. After a while, the fever subsided a bit and the pain behind the eyes was also coming off. However, it took me quite a few days to recover and get discharged.

Whenever I think about the time I was diagnosed with dengue, I actually get chills down my spine. Dengue doesn’t necessarily kill you, but your body becomes extremely weak and dehydration kicks on fast. I now truly realize the importance of the saying, prevention is better than cure – indeed, it is!

I hope this account of my experience helps you to understand dengue and be better prepared to avoid it. The best way to protect yourself and your family from this pandemic disease is to prevent mosquito bites in the first place, as dengue is a mosquito-borne disease.

The Aedes aegypti mosquito transmits the virus from an infected person to a healthy one. These dengue-spreading mosquitoes usually bite during the day and are most active in the morning. It is important that you use appropriate mosquito repellents to avoid any mosquito bites.

Personally, I now religiously use Good knight’s Activ+ system to ensure that my house does not become a breeding spot for mosquitoes. It comes with a dual power mode, where one can switch between the Normal and Activ modes, depending on the number of mosquitoes. The Activ mode ensures 2x power complete indoor protection. Most importantly, I always keep it on in during the day as well; I do not want another repeat of the dengue infection!

While stepping out, I make sure to apply 4 dots of Good knight Fabric Roll-On which for 8 hours of mosquito protection outdoors.

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I cannot stress enough about the importance of using mosquito repellents. Don’t let a tiny mosquito bite jeopardize the health of your family and yourself. Adopting these seemingly small everyday habits can go a long way in ensuring a safe and healthy life.

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