How to dress up a Baby Boy in Rompers & Onesies

Rompers Baby Boy look

I love babies/ toddlers in rompers and onesies. I have had so many of them since he was a couple of months old. But now that he is almost two, I have not been picking up many. But this one from Little Kangaroos, I just could not say no to.

The rustic, grey denim look was just for him. And with his long locks they just went off well.

That’s the way he smiles, only one he knows. Check out the whole look:


The peek onto the small pigtail at the back- Baby boy rompers look

I think with diapers they are quite comfortable and also very handy. Especially when i get to change them at malls, these are really quick. I am not a great fan otherwise. But, this one was a show stealer.


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