Of Mathematical Poetry and Pictures: Uday Hue  

Riddhiculous Of Mathematical Poetry and Pictures: Uday Hue  

Everything in our life has a start, a middle and an end. Things do not happen on their own and they do not end on their own either. Art becomes a facilitator in the larger scheme of things to enhance this experience of life.

Recently, at Jehangir art gallery, Uday Hue’s work was one such facilitator or catalyst in our otherwise monotonous life. His photography exhibition was divided in two parts; Hues & Barks and Black to Square1. Now, both the ideas were not only inspiring but thought provoking.

Riddhiculous Of Mathematical Poetry and Pictures: Uday Hue  

Hues and barks, an attempt to make lightening, before the thunderous axe falls. It was a symphony of barks shot in various versions of light. His photos gave voice to otherwise neglected part of a tree. Leaves, flowers and the colourful nature is a subject of many photographers. However, the barks are often devoid of such love from artists. Uday’s angles were highly prophetic every picture spoke and appealed in a certain manner. I liked the way he arranged the Hues and Barks exhibit. It started from a “seed”, a sapling and culminated with a dried tree with no leaves on it.

There are pictures where it seems the barks are extending a hand for help and crying for the much needed love and affection from the human kind. Beauty of Uday’s work lies in the use of light, the sun rays and the over all hues you see in those barks is beyond words.

While, Black to square 1 was a post-modernist take on art. I call it post-modernist because, it had a unique approach to things in life. Have you ever been to an art gallery that had exhibits in lock and key and the caption of photographs looked like “mumbo-jumbo” of “mathematical” formulas and a sort of “poetry” using these symbols and ideas. If you haven’t you should not miss his exhibit the next time he is around.

Riddhiculous Of Mathematical Poetry and Pictures: Uday Hue  

In his innovative poetry, Uday touches on various issues of alzheimer’s, gender parity and the very void and hollowness of life. The use of “black” and the locks and chains give the overall effect of how we are living in the times where we have a “void” within is and that cannot be filled.

Uday is based out of Dubai, and is a highly talented artist, musician and photographer. He can be reached at https://www.facebook.com/Huemenstudio.



  1. Hello Riddhi…. Thanks a lot for your beautiful explanation of the exhibition. You have indeed observed it deeply and sure you have reflected to its best in your words. Thanks once again and hoping to catch up in person soon.

  2. Baijulal vazhotJuly 7, 2016 at 10:55 pm

    Uday has a gifted view through the lens to frame the lights and beauty as it kind pal blast !

  3. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!


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