Happy?? New Year

riddhiculous.com happy??new year
Walking down the lane,
I saw
A city illuminated with happy faces
life in its full vigour,
but I: alienated, aloof
Their joys are not enough
to appease my heart
of the irrevocable sorrow.

A cry went unheard
amidst the joys of people
It was not music any longer
A din: cries, scream, rows
Dancing over the carcass
Rejoicing death
A celebration turned sour
“Even I was a part of it once”
thought I…

But not any longer
things have changed
It might be a new year
But the same world
with some new hopes
“Hope” for this one to be better
But, no longer does it impart
Happiness, prosperity or success
Our very own new year
has its very own new ways

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