Sugar Free Dessert “Raabdi”

Riddhiculous sugar free rabdi Sugar-free Rabdi

In Rajasthan, every meal is incomplete without a hint of “bajra”. Being a marwari girl I have grown up with what you call extreme taste-buds. Be it spicy or sweet, both needs have to be satiated with proper ingredients in place. It is difficult to please us.

We relish our mirchi vadas with same pomp and show as we taste our jalebis. A few months back my mother was diagnosed with diabetes. Life changed a bit after that and you know how for her life went upside down. So, there are times when we try and cook a few things with Sugar Free. 

When it came to sugar free dessert challenge, I decided to give this Rajasthani dish a twist. It is similar to what you call “rab” in gujarati and “raaabdi” in marwari. Sweet Raabdi राबड़ी  — is a mixture of both. The ingredients are simple for my sweet and sour dessert.

Served in silver ware for richness and nutrition

1/2 Bowl bajra toasted and ground
2 Bowl butter milk or whipped curd
3 Tea spoon sugar free
Salt to taste

Saffron for garnishing
Rose petals
Dry fruits

Mix bajra and butter milk and whisk it either by hand blender or mixer. Then put it to boil. Add salt to taste.

Once it is in a batter type consistency, add kesar and cardmom for flavour.

Then let it cool and put in freezer. Take it out garnish with dried rose petals and dryfruits.

It is not very high on calories. You do not have to fry it, no ghee or oil and hence this is one of my mom’s best kept secret recipe. She used to eat it chilled and my nani used to like it hot with rice.

Sweet handi of Raabdi राबड़ी

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