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It was December 2005 and my first trip outside India or even Delhi. Guess what Lahore, Pakistan happened. My maiden trip outside Delhi was Pakistan (I repeat just for believing that it really happened) Everything about the trip was incredible, right from the start. Everything about the trip was amazing. I have mentioned about this earlier see this


When it comes to food for me and some of my friends it was “motion out of order” and a completely starving journey. You do not find good as in ‘good’ vegetarian food in Lahore. Mind it ‘Chana-Chicken’ happens to be a veg dish out there. No doubt its Paradise for non vegetarians but a hell or rather it seems to lose existence in terms of Veg food

Veg Pizza — Locate

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So, we once decided to order a “veg” pizza for dinner. Finally, some hope for a decent dinner after surviving 2 nights on mom’s homemade puris which won’t last the 7 days we were to stay there. Dominos Pizza came to our rescue. The moment hunger pangs saw the delivery guy our happiness had no limit what so ever.

But the boxes full of surprise soon turned out to be full of shock. The moment we opened we could see chunks of chicken on top which could easily be misread as soya by our hunger fed eyes. It was so difficult for some of us that a few forgot that they were vegetarians and hogged on the pizza by just removing those chunks. The moment I saw the contest on food fix, my first memory of the place came alive.

I wish I had the Tiny own app then and I could locate the nearest food outlet and enquire about some veg delicacy there and read reviews by other people as well. We then came to know too that there was a certain section for vegans who suffer because of such situations. I shared this in my previous posts. If at all, may have a few greens thrown in with chunks of meat (palak-gosht/ chana chicken). The dal also very special — because it has been cooked in meat.

Chana Chawal — Review

We happen to be part of another group that was visiting labor food street when we stumbled on this amazing food stall and entered. We all ordered chana chawal which was told to be the best food item of that place. The moment the dish came we saw it had the big C and as expected we were in for a shock.

We had specifically mentioned VEG and hence, the diner offered us the chana chawal after removing the pieces of chicken in front of us. And wow as if they were not cooked together. If only I had a way to read someone else’s review of that place or food I would have been saved.

We then ordered sarso ka saag and make ki roti from this diner which was suggested by a fellow student.

Aah as always reviews work. 🙂

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