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I am a new mom and recently got a chance to be part of a pre-launch event for Pampers Premium Care Pants. The idea of a diaper launch might not have sounded fascinating earlier, but is very important now. Baby’s comfort is no kidding.

The launch was more than just a launch, a star-studded evening with fellow moms, bloggers and cute babies. 🙂 It so happened that the phone call that lead to the launch was very interesting as well. Anuja from Blogadda sold me the idea of being at the event with such a warm and personal touch that it felt like I was talking to an old friend. And she was not wrong, the event was great and informative.
Pampers is now synonymous to diapers. They have been serving more than 25 million babies every day from past 5 decades. They live by the idea to create convenience value for moms along with comfort for babies The launch event was an eye opener of sorts. It was an interaction between celeb moms, doctor and bloggers and real moms.
met fellow mum bloggers

While I got a chance to see an over emotional Mandira Bedi I also saw the glamorous yet very caring Tara Sharma. What all of them emphasised on was that good sleep and healthy skin are very important for a happy baby. Skin health becomes absolutely non-negotiable. every baby needs his or her happy space and a comfortable clothing. Sleep time is very important. Good amount of sleep is very important for baby’s development.

India is a humid temperature. Over hydrated skin is a concern. Humid environment can cause the diaper area to warm and lead to rash. A good diaper must be able to manage the hydration level at the skin and to give the right dryness on the skin.

In an exclusive preview organised for bloggers and Mommy bloggers, Pampers the #1 diaper brand in the world for babies happy healthy development, showcased a never seen before innovation via powerful demonstrations highlighting the softness and dryness of the new Pampers Premium Care Pants.

Leading Baby Sleep Consultant Ajita Seethepalli said, “The importance of a good diaper (in terms of softness, dryness and fit) should not be underestimated.”

Pampers R&D Expert – Dr. Wei Sing Long highlighted the unique features of Premium Care Pants. Premium Care Pants come with a 5 Star skin protection promise that provides the baby with all-around softness, upto 12 hours dryness, breathable materials, all-around fit, baby lotion and a wetness indicator that directs mothers to change the diaper time.

New Pampers Premium Care Pants are so soft and dry that your baby won’t even notice them, thanks to Pampers 5 star skin protection: 

Soft materials/fabrics: specially chosen with delicate little bottoms in mind
All-around waistband and soft cuffs: for a comfortable, snug fit minimizing leakage
Up to 12 hours of dryness: Pampers core quickly absorbs helping keep wetness away from the skin to help skin protection
Baby lotion: A drop of lotion to help protect you baby’s precious skin
Wetness Indicator turns from yellow to blue when in contact with fluid to help parents know when it might be time to change. *
As claimed by press release. Please wait for personal review of the same. 

It was a highly interactive launch. We did a blind “softness” test for the diapers and 92% of the people there voted for the Premium Pants as the softest diaper. I was super excited to know about the wetness meter on the diaper. The gel test by Dr. Wei Sing Long was highly fascinating almost like magic. No one takes the pains to explain the entire process of why and how a diaper manages to absorb the water. Kudos to the event organisers, blogadda and Pampers team for taking the pains and making things simple for layman.
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