Rangeela Mujik!!


What better time than Holi for this movie to fill us with all possible colours of music. I still haven’t seen the movie as of now. But Piyush Mishra’s lyrics and music is sheer brilliance. It takes you back to the era of songs when Vande mataram (the original version) was released. The songs reverberate in your ears even when they are over.

I have heard it is a homage to great poets. It surely does justice to the likes of Jashankar prasad, Oje ras ke kavitayein or heroic poetry is at play and it has a majestic effect. My personal favourite is AARAMBH sung by Rahul Ram, Piyush Mishra and Chorus. It has the notes that lead you straight to the battlefield — Aarambh hai prachand, Bolein mastakon ke jhund, Aaj jung ki ghadi ki tum guhaar do….

It is one of the best composition in the recent times. Another sure shot winner is Ranaji. The lyrics is slapstick, yet ultra creative and uber cool. I love the comparisons of a husband’s anger with America’s world trade centre event. Even more is to do with Uncle Sam’s deliberate attck on Iraq. Wonder ful analogies used by a modern day courtesan to define the degree of her Ranaji’s anger. Another one is – “jaise Bisleri ki botal peeke ban gaye inglis man.”

Raat ka musafir, Yara Maula are songs sung by Rahul Ram and Aseem chakravraty have that earthen feel of Indian ocean lurking in them. Sheher is brazen and its USP is power packed lyrics. Piyush mishra is exceptional. Beedo is peppy number in this kitty. It is simply Chakmak Chakmak…. 🙂

The feel of the music is refreshingly old. The times when melody and vocals combined to form the magic. It does not have the current day emphasis on background music. The instruments are there just to instrumentalise the vocal. Mithi si presence. It is perfect combination of cleverly written lyrics and powerful vocals beautifuied by the use of very basic musical presence.

Deserve applaud: Rekha Bharadwaj, Piyush mishra, Shilpa Rao

Happy Holi!!


  1. aaj download karta hoon 🙂

  2. hey dear saw this movie last week and am certainly goin in the die hard fans of anurag kashyap … he gives you what you call “cut-to-cut” scenes without over dramatization …. an absolutely wonderful movie to watch and leaves a lasting impression … he certainly knows how to get the best out of his people … there’s this pocket bomb size heroine in this … check out her dressin sense … lauuved it …


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