Love is in the air!!

Whenever a conversation starts to dwell towards love, relationship or boy friends my first idea is to sway with the ones who are already into it. Not that I have never been into it, or have I been into it? like not that I don’t know how it is to be in ‘love’; Think about it being in India is in itself proves that I am more then loaded with the dos and don’ts of love from day 1 of my entrance in this world.

But that is the real problem. I have been fed with ideas which might give me verbal diarrhea or a state of mind which may be called lovo-phobo-cofusion-asia. the reason being the n’ number of definitions and ideas full to brim in my mind rather than heart. Let us see how?

1) At Home: Love your parents, grand parents, relatives, siblings and so on. These are the first people whom you get to see. And no surprises, you have no option but to like them in some way or the other. And if by any chance you are the first kid in the family then you are over-showered with love. While the later crib in the cradle.

2)At school: Love your teacher. But all boys are brothers and all girls are.. Anyway, the theory being even guys till the age of innocence are super eager to get the thread tied on their wrists. As if flaunting that more the rakhis, more the love.

3) Movies: My first one was Deewana but i don’t actually remember it. I remember Damini in bikaner, Suraj Talkies and loved Meenakshi Shashadri. I was too young to get the idea any way. But saying I love you was considered “Hawwwwwwww

4) TV serials: Chandrakanta, the immortal love story- At that time for me love was just a matter of tv serials. As a matter of fact i was pretty dumb at that age as well. Farmaan and Kashish were the ones me and my sister loved to watch. they had that perfect symphony of love – conflict, realisation, love lost, recognition-happy ending. Not much has changed though. But , love stories used to be fictional or representational.

5) Yash Chopra, Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar: Surprisingly and embarrassingly the first seeds sown in my formation of the word ‘lauu’ was thanks to these three gentlemen. Guess the foundation has problem. Root cause. Anyhow it is the straight forward root. Cinema which blows reality unto 70 mm screen and you have no option but go home with an over sized notion of love. An idea where shooting stars are good signs of falling in love; where mustard fields make you flow your dupattas mid air and run kilometers; where clothes get stuck in your beloved’s hair, or wrist, or sherwani or whatever.etc.etc. Of course, it is all about loving your parents.

6) Mills n’ Boons: I read my first and last Mills n Boons last year. and guess it is the same old cycle which i know. But portray another over hyped hypothetical situation, which strengthens your romantic, imaginative senses that its the best thing to fall in love and before you feel it, you literally fall many a times into it. that the right man, the perfect man exists! that he will come on white horse or so.. neah it does not exactly go that far. but it gives a happy feeling to those who want to have the feel-good-factor.

7) Chic Flicks: Another love boosting source of immense happiness. they show the same old damsel in distress theme, who is not literally rescued here, but retained with due respect to fall in love with the right handsome man. The representation again heightens the sense that being in love is grrrreat.

8) Books: Bronte sisters give you the fighting spirit of women who have new ideas but at the end they have to in a way give up to the society. To a lay man it might not actually seem giving up but a conscious and natural falling in love. After all the highs and lows. this idea certainly clicked with me. Thanks to Mr. Darcy and Mr. Rochester.

9) Kekta Kapoor: Dupattas strategically fly and fall over your would be groom- never happend to me. She gives you perfect liberty to fall in love as many times as possible. Atleast this idea does go well with me. as i cant even count how many times i have fallen in ‘love’. She also allows commitment in love with more than one person simultaneously. And at the end she thinks that one person is a scape goat whose work is selfless love. God has created woman and Ekta Kapoor created God-like women.

10) Vikram Bhatt, Mahesh bhatt: These guys again give you the idea that love is just sensuous and you end up falling in love with only one man- Emraan Hashmi. I certainly never fell for this idea.

11) VHP: Love is bad for health of society. Black is the new red.

No wonder I am confused:). I see my parents or elders in perfect harmony and love. But the way love is sung and praised all around I have no clue if it all together happens. An idea can change your life. What is your idea? Is it just an idea? Or does it actually exist?


  1. Agreed on the rakhi part. We would really envy those guys who had maximum number of rakhis when we were in 6th or 7th standard..when we became little bigger we realised that rakhi isnt really a good criteria to know how much u r loved.

    and thank god for not believing in Bhatts’ definition of love..

  2. I love ‘the later crib in the cradle’ and ‘saying i love you is considered HAWWWWW’ 🙂


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