A man at war

riddhiculous.com man at war

Blurred hazy, dark and grim
Wish they hold me as I swim
Sinking falling in a sleepy hollow
Behind me, will they follow?

Nascent cries, pain, a foul smell
Does someone care? I can’t tell
Suffocation, nausea, confinement
A presence that makes me content

Shards of a broken mirror,
Sight of the ugly sorrow
Warmth or a golden touch,
A hope for a rosy tomorrow

Return, recover, gather your spirits
Mighty heart, whom glory befits
Learn to fight, to smile in pain,
The crownless, they say, shall be king again


  1. amazing riddhi….its really nice…teri english me poem pehli baar padhi hai…acha laga…if “posted by rids” wasnt written here…i would think this was by some poet laurete like keats…r u any way influenced by him….;)…newez…the poem is gud…keep doin the gud stuff…all the best…

  2. this kind of poetry very often comes from people who arent so well, or recovering from something or the other..I remember writing similar stuff when i was getting over bronchitis..

    But that doesn’t make it any less nicer..very good read. have read poetry from you after quite some time. But i guess it was worth the wait..keep up the good work:)


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