She is dead she is dead waves of curiosity

The celebration of death
The melodious din
They gathered to witness
The dead man’s grin

Though, earlier when he died
He looked pale and dull
This time no one cried
No one broke the lull

They knew he was in pain
But, now he braced peace
While, the rest live in vain
Death for him was ease

He died twice in reality
While, she dies everyday
life was tough for him
For her, an abysmal stay

She lies still, unmoved
Perhaps she is habitual
Sitting blank she stared
The black sullen funeral

Trespassers put up a good show
of sympathy, care, empathy
many throw some tears in sorrow
rest mumble pity and dismay

He died, she saw
He died again, she stared
She looks pale and dull now
She too is dead, they declared….

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