Why I am in love with the brand values of Paper Boat?

I have been blogging for more than a decade. I have seen the blogging platform change drastically. From being a personal space and transforming into a professional arena. I have gotten collaboration emails, to blogger meets and attended many of those special “paid” campaign events. But, some brands win your heart, by their sheer messaging and passion.

Disclaimer: This post is not a paid post. I have not been told to write anything. I have not been requested or approached by a PR either. This is a personal, very personal post showering love on something that I have been following.

paper boat review

I have been one of the first fans of Paperboat- the product and the social media pages. The brand has an identity of its own. It takes me back to my childhood. That is exactly what it aims to do. I love the husky voice of the TVC as well when she says “drinks and memories.”


I do get a few goodies that are packaged in unique ‘touching’ ways. But, I love the way they never mail or message me to write about them. They never follow up. They never warn. They just send what they think is the right way to do. If the person getting the gift can appreciate it, good enough. I have been one of the first fans of Paperboa

So, last summers I got to try Guava Chili and later I ordered a whole box. After that, I got the Jungle Book, which is so close to my childhood and now they have sent the “Gajak or chikki” for winters. I had bought 10 “Three men in a boat” packages because they were for my baby shower two years back. 15826909_1179021105552865_1958282147385270332_n

My baby shower had Paper boats as prizes and God what fun we had. Everyone loved. We had a time with Aam Pannas and Jaljeeras.

Social Media: 

Even if you leave a comment on a small personal story, their social-media team is prompt, polite and personal: what every social media team needs to be. The page is very very personal in messaging, drawings and also the little campaigns they run from time to time. paperboat drinks and memories

I like the way they keep innovating the page with doodles and pencil colour caricatures.

Keep up the good work guys, thank you for making us feel special. I love the quality of products, the way you present them and the entire look and feel of your brand. Drinks and memories, for real.

PS: All images are from Paper Boat social media pages.

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