The green monster

A giant green monster
Moved behind my bed
While I ran for cover
He stood still instead

He had big bright blue eyes
And a little round red nose
Harmless as he seemed
I moved a little bit close

As his yellow tattered boot
Made noises loud and hard
I saw a wounded foot
When he limped to move forward

To help, I stretched my hand
He smiled and clasped it tight
In pain he could not stand
I said it will be alright

I rushed and brought first aid
As I was taught in school
First I washed the wound
And in the end came band-aid

The monster was not really a monster
He was very friendly and nice
He blessed me with loads of gifts
And told me to be wise

* Ideally meant for children up to 5 years.


  1. The monster seems to be a very ‘known’ figure…lol


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