A writer’s dilemma

Why do we have blogs? Why do I have a blog? Why do I need a blog to write on? Is it my narcissism? Isn’t my writing my very own — too precious — to be put up for a public display? Do I write for fame or acclaim? Does every one write for fame and acclaim? Is it just a facade of ‘having an opinion’ rather than ‘believeing’ in one? Why do I write? Are writers writing because they want to write or they want someone to read what they write? Who reads you? Why do you need some one to read what you write? Why should a person be interested in what interests you? 



A writer’s dilemma 

I can not voice, cannot suppress

An urge to write and to express

That happiness that joy, the unfortunate sorrow

The excitement and thrill that await me tomorrow

How to begin? Where to end?

Should I be true or should I pretend?

The matter, the genre, the code of conduct

How to refine the end product

Why can I not just let them flow?

My words are my weapons: my friends and foe

Let them take the charge and hail the war

There will and my way to question the power

To question the norms and the senseless notions

To mirror my thoughts and reflect my emotions

Does someone tells me to stop or to start ?

Is it a neccessity or just an art ? 



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  2. we/people blog for different reasons, few do it to earn money, few to just kill time, few to brag or just to satisfy their ‘narcissistic urge’. But you, my dear, blog coz you are an honest person who has a gift to be articulate and expressive with situations that you face/come across in daily life…

    The WWW is fortunate to host your ‘piece of life’ and everyone should start proclaiming ‘hail Riddhi’ so that your narcissistic self is pleased and you keep on writing 😀

    All Hail Riddhi!!! 😛


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