Homerton College, Cambridge — Where Fantasy Meets Reality

Think of what you would want to study, where and how? This question is often asked and often not replied to. I have studied in the best of Universities so far. But, still there are a few things I would like to do. A few courses I would like to pursue. If only…..
Why are the fields of children and fantasy always interlinked?
Why is it always that the fantastic, incredible, marvelous, the wonderful, is connected to the themes or moods of childhood?
As ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said–
“All grown-ups were once children…
but only few of them remember it.”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince
I believe adults lack the spontaneous streak to choose the unreal over the real. I have always been an imaginative person. Someone who lives in a world of her own.
I have always been confused, if reality sprang from imagination or imagination makes reality happen. My first brush with imagination happened when I was four and my sister narrated me the story of the princess who wanted the moon. She had a way of telling me stories, a way that made them seem real. Listening to her stories, I wished for the moon too.
Grew up amidst Roald Dahl’s twisted ways and graduated to Tolkien’s world of fantasy and realism. What also had a strong impact on me along with these spectacular books was J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. But I have always ended up reading, re-reading and re-re-reading 3 books — The Little Prince, Matilda and Harry Potter. These 3 books are the touchstones of my life. They help me out in tough times. They become my friends when I am lonely and they transport me to a world that is way more different than mine.
To gain the knowledge of a world that exists beyond mine. A world that is real in my imagination. I always wanted to pursue my studies in the field of fantasy literature. I believe only a rare person is able to hold on to the sense of wonderment, exuberance, of presence, of sheer enjoyment of life and its possibilities that is so apparent in our younger selves.
While deciding on this dream, a friend of mine went ahead and lived it. He showed me that the real world was even more beautiful than the imaginary. Siddharth Pandey, an extremely talented individual who managed to bring me the complete picture of the campus, the teachers, the environs and the historical significance of the place.
Homerton College, Cambridge is THE place I wish to study Fantasy Literature at. A knowledge of the real and the unreal in a world that is far more real than mine. Because I wish to be with people in the same subject, with those who share the same interests and have joined the same societies.
The Ultimate Goal — Photo-Siddharth Pandey


To Spread my Wings

I have studied at Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University and University of Mumbai. I have been lucky to find the right guides and mentors at all these places. The one thing common to all these people was — they all taught me to spread my wings.

They told me that being at one place does not fetch you the right results. In order to bridge the gap between the real-unreal you have to merge the two lines and venture into the world outside your comfort zone. A world that is open to so much more. More ideas, more studies, literary works and natural inspirations.

24×7 Library : Food for thought 

I read somewhere that there is a 24×7 library!! The library, they say, is still quite new so if you can’t find any book, you can put in an order and you shall have it soon. It’s open 24 hours and apparently is bigger than most other college libraries.
Homerton College Library … Ship of Books Photo Credit: Siddharth Pandey
The Great Hall — Harry Potter dinners 🙂 

The dinners, the grand dinners in Harry Potter always melt my heart. How can’t they? Didn’t you wish that the flying hats and the lit candles and the scrumptuous food welcomed you home everyday?The Great Hall is one of the largest and grandest dining halls in Cambridge.

Alas! it never came true. But at Homerton college this happens. See the picture to believe it. Siddharth Pandey drowned me in sorrow when he uploaded this picture of the common hall. And I hated him a tad extra that day while having my dinner at home watching CID on television.

The great hall– Siddharth Pandey
Historical Masterpiece  

The architectural brilliance of the college is not unknown to any. The facade of the institution is full of real and unreal stories. The history of Homerton College dates back as long as 1695.The Victorian facades however date back to the mid 18th Century.

The green landscapes surrounding the college are more than many other Cambridge Colleges.

Moonlit Night… Siddharth Pandey

Look at the snow … need I say more? 🙂

Snow! Pic Credit- Siddharth Pandey

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  1. Hello from a library assistant at Homerton College. We are indeed open 24 hours a day, every day except for Christmas day! We have around 50,000 books, including approximately 9,000 books in our Children's Literature Collection. My opinion is possibly biased but I think it's a pretty awesome place to study 🙂

  2. Hey annie.. Wow!! how did you land up on this page?

    Thanks a tonne.. I wish I could get a chance to visit the place.. forget studying there.

    9,000 Whoa!

  3. Loved this post which says a lot and yet doesn't sound like a mere promotional brochure of a college or university.

    Arvind Passey

  4. @arvind Thanks a tonne 🙂 It was personal so, no point in making it promotional… coming from you..means a lot


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