Silence of the Skies

Riddhiculous silence of the skies

As she emptied her mind,
closed her eyes and heard.

Horns Bellowing in her ears,

the din of speeding motors,
and rustling of the leaves. 

She felt the Sheshum Trees
sway to the tunes of 
melodious flute.

As the  sun sets, 
the twilight hues washed over the sky. 
Reminiscent of the fears, sorrows. 
The sky broke into a symphony
of unrequited love.

As, myriad thoughts rose 
in silence of the skies.

The waves of thoughts,
tides of tormenting memories
swept by nostalgia. 

She now recoiled 
at the sight of the present
as she embarked the journey to the past. 
She relived the ephemeral joys of youth 
the lyrical bouts of laughter.

Winged hopes of  never ending bliss

Stole a moment 
from the maker of the dreams.

As she lived,
the silence of the skies. 

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  1. Nice. Loved the last few lines. Ephemeral 🙂


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