2 hours, 120 minutes. 7200 seconds.

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 “ ”  यह मत  सोचो  की  कितने  लम्हे  है  बाकी  ज़िन्दगी  के;

ये  सोचो  की  कितनी  ज़िन्दगी  हैं  बाकि  हर  लम्हे  में “
“Ye mat socho ki kitne lamhe hai baaki zindagi ke; 
Ye socho ki kitni zindagi hain baki har lamhe me”

The cell phone alarm is put on snooze for the nth time this morning. As, I toss and turn, and crib and curl, and mutter “Why can’t I sleep, a little more?”

Dragging myself up I finally embrace the day in its full glory. The refreshing shower and the strawberry bath bubbles transport me to another world. While, the constant knocks from outside again break my stream of thought. And I wish “Why can’t I bathe a little more?” 
While I drink my breakfast and gulp down the newspaper, I say my prayers on the move. My mind still stuck in the ipod songs do not register the grandmother’s love or remind me of good manners or gratitude for the meal.
I just keep on moving and living, just like the local trains here in Mumbai; not noticing the faces, always on their own, speedily moving. As, I miss the train I wonder, “Why can’t the trains be a little late?”.
The friendly guard lets me in without the late sign on the office book. The sigh of relief on reaching just before the boss. The Smiles that greet and the eyes that meet. We know we will miss the lunch again because we don’t have time. “Why can’t we enjoy our lunch a little more?” 
Just when our sullen, falling faces leave for home, a little one runs with a balloon and his smile has the spark and freshness that I did not ever notice or understand. “Why can’t I live a little more?”
And, I realised what I was missing.

Given a choice, we all might live a little differently. Wake up with leisure, gain our calm and take control of our lives. Many of us are governed by our needs, desires, responsibilities. We all wish for  a little more time. If, 2 hours were added to our normal days, I do not actually think that things will be a lot different. Because, we do not lack time but the management of time. 

If spent wisely our normal days will itself add 2 hours to it. 

 The two hours lived are two hours saved, are the two extra hours for my day.  To wake up before time and see the sunrise. Enjoy reading a book in the morning and writing a diary at night. Making a cup of coffee for my mother and joining my grandmother feeding the birds. Appreciating her for the amazing meals, playing with my little brother at the breakfast table. Reading newspaper to dad. Realising how he needed a new pair of spectacles and an eye checkup. 

On my way to office, I buy new clothes for the little one near my office. Compliment my colleague on her wonderful dress. Things look beautiful, if I think there is extra time for everything. If I know their is always time to live a little extra.

“Don’t think about the brevity of life
Think about how much you can live in that little time.”
PS– Written as a contest entry for Surf Excel Matic, so you don’t have to spend your precious time doing it separately. Let the detergent do the washing, while you spend time with your family!

If you had two extra hours in a day, how would you spend it?




  1. That is a nice post. I like and need the reminder. Life seems to master me rather than the other way around.

  2. "Don't think about the brevity of life"

    For me, those words completely defined your thoughts, and the post added icing to the cake. It's marvelous, your thoughts on extra time. Even though I'm a fellow competitor, I hope we both win 😉
    Your post deserves more votes, seriously 🙁

    When you get the free time, do go through my entry into the competition, leave a small feedback if you can, and vote too if you like it, I'd be much obliged 🙂


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