Blast from the past

My two elder bro and sis back from school. When,
Dad– So, how was school?
Kids– Good
Mom– lunch?
Kids– Dying.
Mom– Smiling.
Kids– Growling
Mom– ok first answer a question?
Kids– Duh?
Mom– How many siblings are you?
Kids– aaaaaaargh
Kids– like.. you are a limit.. 2. two. T- W- O… Now can we get our food.
Mom and Dad– jaws drop?, two? How can you forget your little sister?
Kids– Shit..Lunch gone… 🙁

When I was ten, it was a family outing. Five of us in an auto rickshaw was tough to fit in. An auto can accomodate four on seats. while I had to sit on someone’s lap. I disliked sitting on someone else’s lap while everybody else enjoyed the comfort of a seat.

Bro– Sit Sit (As he grabbed one of the seats)
Sis– I will take the window sit
Me– So will I
Mom– both cannot sit there. Me– I will
Mom– Stop quarrelling. I will.
Me- No No i will
Mom– then I will sit on your lap is it?
Me– Ok. yes you can
Mom– stop it.
Bro– you are extra Me– no
Sis– yes. Mom got you from dustbin.
Me– No.
Bro– yes see why do you think autos have four seats. because the fifth one is extra.
Me- (with tears in my eyes) No. Mom did you seriously get me from dustbin maa?
Mom– now will you please let me sit on the seat.
Me– Yes.

Few days back, after 19 years. Dad’s friend came to our place. He is now a Member of parlament in some northeastern state. So, a round of introduction was on: Dad– She is my elder daughter, “blah”
Blah– Hello she flaunts the knowledge
Dad- this is my son “Blah Blah”
Blah Blah“- Hello- again flaunts his dialect of the northeastern state.

I enter, peeping from the background waiting for my turn.
Dad– this is Mr. Ramsingh, he works with me at office
Ramsingh– namaste
Dad– this is padosi
Padosi– namaste
Me(thought) – me me me me
Dad– Lets have dinner.

I waited for my turn which never came. Blah Blah came to rub it in.

Blah Blah– So, u met the uncle.
Me– No I am not interested.
Blah Blah– Yes Yes, you useless journo. Come i shall introduce you. Guess some one forgot to do that.. Or may be he did not ..ahem
Me- shut up.
Blah Blah– Grinning.
Blah– aaah What happened? Why are you laughing?
Blah blah whispered it in her ear.
Blah and Blah Blah laughed away to glory. While I finally made my way out and said.

“Hello, I am blah blah blah, the youngest daughter.”

Huh.. Whatever.


  1. you know what?…frankly speaking, its a funny read but i felt a little bad for you.

    Older siblings can be a pretty mean sometimes…I should know, I keep calling my sister a 'Dumb Blonde' whenever she talks in a sarcastic Paris Hilton sort of manner. 😛

  2. oooh first to comment again!!!

  3. hahahaha congrats. and yes yes they can be mean.. but this happens when you are the youngest. heheh neah but this is not very serious, it is supposed to be funny..

  4. nothin better than havin it heard myself wid all d xpresions live….

  5. LOL..Mom got you from the dustbin? LOL..So funny..reminded me of me.

    I say that to my younger brother all the time..Ahhh the pleasures of being the older child 🙂

  6. ROFL!!! You do have a funny bone!

    The dustbin comment..I feel the pain gal..Been there…
    And forgetting to introduce one's younger child…Again I understand..:)

  7. oh we younger siblings are so innocent…aren't we? 😀

    "Kids- Shit..Lunch gone" lol…awesome 😀

    blah, blah blah, blah blah blah…hahahahhahaha

    really cute n absolutely funny post :D:D:D

    ps: we should start a younger siblings club…what say? 😉

    n the word is "berat"!!!

  8. @Riddhiculuous- Haah U r so funny.. 😛

    @Sonal- ahem.. i know u get it a lot as well.. ha ha ha

    @Akshay- yo kid to u too!!! Long time haan,.

    @Shanu- oye has mat ladki.. besharm.. hehehehe yeah tum bade log…

    @Ashley- yes yes laugh on my plight and the discriminating sight.. u twilight twilight twilight..

    @Blunt- hehhe Yes we already have a chhota sibling club by the way.. to fight the opression against bada bhai behen.. jus that we werent formal.. now as u say.. lets do it…
    "Berat".. it is actually laughing at us.. the chhota siblings.. this is a msg from the bada ppl like shanu – BE Rat.. :(..
    ahhahaha and my word verification says- Hushooks..
    hahahhahh I like it.. sounds like Who Shooks? huh shanu see we are nt fettered by such false empty dhamkis.. we are chhota but not khota.

  9. Word verification? Wat word verification?? Blogger lets me post comments without the wrd verification thingi..I wonder why??

    Ahh..I get it…Blogger is the bada sibling too..Yo Blogger..chal yeh stupid chota logon ka wat lagate hain.

    @ At all the stupid chota log

    Dnt do shaanagiri nahi toh blogger wont let u post comments **evil laugh**

  10. @ Shanu
    word verification is one of the many small pleasures that blogger provides us…m sad 2 hear u r denied that too…my sympathies shanu…poor u…blogger doesn't like u kya? 😛

  11. Oye stupid chota baccha

    Wat natak u doin? Word verification is maaza for you?

    Bloggie dear, yea stupid chota baccha ko kal se comment marne mat dena! Word verification main error par error dena!

    ***Ahh the pleasures of commenting without irritatin wrd verifications!!***

  12. @abeyyyy what blunty and I have this clandestine affair with WORD VERIFICATION.. we plant it for wach other on my blog.. hahah that is why u do not get to be part of it..
    Dont rejoice because u are deliberately being left out of something as pleasing as this.. Huh…. Hi Blunty Lets teach these pseudo bada pppl a lesson.. Hmm

    and blunty dear the wrd verification is – Bi lear… aaha..

  13. and in gussa the anger i forgot to say @ Shanu Abbey… hehehe vaise nobody else to fight the battle woth anyway/

  14. HAHHHAHAHH..Itna gussa ki hazaron typos kar diye tune..paglu chote bacche

  15. bechari shanu…she is probably feeling left out coz she can't play this super-cool game! poor badi "aurat" 😉

    bi lear- probably blogger is saying "bye dear" 2 shanu…blogger totla hoga 😉 'd' ko 'l' bolta hai 😀

  16. @ Bluntu

    Riddhi se mereko koi shikva nahi hai…lekin tum toh mere apne the..

    Tum bhi mere khilaaf hogaye??

    ***emotional song starts playing in the backgrnd Tere blog par na rakhenge kadam aaj ke baad..tere comment par na reply karenge sanam aaj ke baad****

  17. @ Shanu
    oye nautanki rani…kya heavy heavy dialogs!

  18. very sweet and superbly funny… elder ones can be very mean..

    lol @ dustbin
    and lmao @ this is padosi (n no mention of u)

    *good blog*

  19. oh oh…that did pinch as well…brought a smile as well

  20. @shanu- No gila shikva re.. and no gussa as well.. U are our beloved elder sister from now on.. hehe bluntu will kill me for making u his sister anyway.. hehhehe

    @bluntu- i love the By dear lisping..hhhehe well done 🙂

    @brain freeze.. heheh thank you for LOLZ..hehe 🙂

    @diwakar- pinches only when u r kid.. and also wen it happens.. later they form unforgetable part of life… mast hota hai. thank you for reading 🙂

  21. I am also a younger sibling…but in my case i got more bhav than my bro who is quite elder to me…

    oh forgot to add about your post…i loved this one…liked the dustbin joke…i guess every elder sibling says this to their younger ones, probably they r jealous of us


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