Creative Writing

The smile, the charm It struck, no harm, Inexplicable, magical Dramatic, emotional Dreams, fantasy Extremes, ecstasy   Encountered, culminated Attracted, intimidated   Relation,name Demands, claims Expressions, actions Expectations, explanations Hopes, hearts Broken, mended Understood, accepted For real, expected Miscommunication, reaction Dissatisfied, demystified Rupture, crushed…. she is dead

The celebration of death The melodious din They gathered to witness The dead man’s grin Though, earlier when he died He looked pale and dull This time no one cried No one broke the lull They knew he was in pain But, now he braced peace While, the rest live… man at war

Blurred hazy, dark and grim Wish they hold me as I swim Sinking falling in a sleepy hollow Behind me, will they follow? Nascent cries, pain, a foul smell Does someone care? I can’t tell Suffocation, nausea, confinement A presence that makes me content Shards of a broken mirror, Sight… desire

Maithili was cribbing about the daily work schedule and the monotony surrounding it. She was not very fond of travelling, especially travelling with in the city. But, being a journalist she was always on the move. At times, she considered herself a misfit for her profession. It was a weird… man at war

That day, I had for some darn reason left my metro card at home. In the queue I was approached by a woman who wanted me to buy a token for her. The queue was long and never-ending. I could see the tension mounting on her face. It was more…

The pretty girl, with bow shaped brows and the little black mole near her lower lip, grabbed a seat next to Mr. bald head. She was never in a good mood, it seemed. A frown was always pasted on her pretty face. She would support her chin with her palm,… time traveller

Little mischievous brains at work Thought of a crazy plan To bring down the evil cook With the help of a magic pan So, they stole the key to store And made their way to hall Where they heard the watchman snore And saw the kittens crawl As, the kitchen… desire

Disclaimer: Meant for ages below 5 years of age A wicked witch with evil designs. A beautiful princess in her confines. A flying chariot A charming prince Six white horses A large province A quest for love: a grand challenge. To seek a partner from the royal stands A perfect…