Agra, Tajmahal the epitome of love

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It was just an unplanned trip, a surprise little vacation for me and my husband. We were newly married and the idea of a getaway was always welcome. During our courtship period, I remembered his fascination for “Tajmahal” on many occasions.

So, in July on his birthday, we decided to take a small trip, to Agra followed by a road trip to Delhi where we will meet my parents and celebrate quality time with family. So, the plan was set. We booked Mumbai to Agra with Domestic Airlines and then a road trip Delhi from there.

We were excited like little kids because both of us to visit TAJ MAHAL, the epitome of love for the first time. Trust me, it was supremely romantic and filmy. The last minute plan we did get the best tickets from Yatra and managed a Spicejet Web check-in beforehand. because we are quite light travellers. It was supposed to be a fun trip.

Thank God! it happened before our Chhhotu Singh arrived, because, after him, travelling light is just a dream. Even for a day outing, within the city, I have a bag bigger than hand baggage. The flight was extremely comfortable and the site that followed was breathtaking.

Tajmahal is far more beautiful in reality and it reminds you of all foreign ambassador mandatory picture. We made sure we clicked all pictures: “holding the Tajmahal dome”;the couple picture with Taj Mahal in the background.

Divine white speck free structure, the weather was perfect and it added to the entire expanse of our trip. I am so glad that I witnessed the grandeur of this heritage firsthand. Though I regret that I had missed it for so long. But, seeing it together was worth the wait. We did miss out on Fatehpur Sikri, which was not very far. But, we wanted to touch base in Delhi as well the same day so skipped it without regrets.

We then went to the Agra Fort and I was awestruck with the beauty of the fort. One needs to visit the grand entrances and the red walls. Nothing as spectacular as the history those walls hold together. We took the cassette players instead of a guide. The cassette players and the headphones had the story and legends associated with the fort in it and we decided to follow the cues.

It was a lot of fun and this followed a lavish lunch. The food was scrumptious especially after so much of walking in the fort and also the taking pictures is tiring ;). We then booked a cab from Agra to Delhi, we did not tell everyone that we were coming, hence, the surprise was all the more exciting.

We bought a cake on the way and landed up at my parent’s place or should I say “my place.” The birthday was a hit and will be one of the most romantic and memorable birthdays for my better half. We have not taken a lot of impromptu trips. But yeah, there have been a couple of them and they have been more than awesome. I think getting the affordable flight tickets played a key role in making my trip a successful one. Otherwise, I would have cancelled it right away. Big thanks to for it. Thaks to the advent of online marketplaces for making travel easy for souls like us who are never ready for long term or short term plans.

It turned out to be the perfect vacation with the perfect mix of love, family, and fun. My ideal yatra for sure. Which one was your “ideal” yatra?

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