To be Peppy Or Not To be?

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Now, it might sound like a ridiculous headline. But, trust me it is a question that only people with “high-energy” can understand. Someone who has been hyperactive all his/her life and has been subjected to this “peppy” question.

Meaning: Peppy – (pĕp′ē) – Full of or characterized by energy and high spirits; lively.
So, I am a hyperactive, opinionated, blunt, energetic, friendly and over excited sort of person. And one word to all this zing is — Peppy. Everyone from friends, family and foe would often admire or comment on this quality of mine. Often it becomes nothing but a cause of worry for the parents as well. They think their kid is still a kid and this “peppy” tag lives with you for life.

Not saying that being peppy is wrong. But, this is a post for all those people who have heard such statements and being judged on weird lines —

How do you get so much energy? 

I drink energy drinks like red bull every day. Like? Why would you even ask me something like this. If a person is active or high on life, it should not be because of a reason. It is how certain people are made. No one has a secret recipe for staying “peppy” all the time. If you like it or not is entirely your discretion.

Are you always happy?

Yes, always. I have not encountered sadness ever. Do you know I will never die? It is preposterous to the extent people go, in order to pass their judgements. I have seen many persons who were part of this happy theory. Happy theory on Peppy people is altogether another topic for blog. It is a human nature.

Why are so you active?

Again, the usual question. How can someone have a reason for being active.

Don’t you get tired?
No, we never get tired, we are always happy-go-lucky.


To everyone in the world. Being Peppy is not synonymous to being always happy. We do have our low days when we go back to our shell. There are days when we just do not feel “ourselves.” We do have our days of lifelessness just like you. It is a mix. Being peppy is good, rather great, but, it comes with its complicities and ups and downs. All human natures must be treated in the same manner.

Yes, it is irritating to have a peppy person around when one is low or out of order. But, then no one can change certain things about human nature. You cannot change a person I mean. This post is more of a rant for whatever I have heard in the last 20+ years of my being regarding my nature.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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