Impact of Fragrances: Inspiration For Life


Right from the childhood, I was known for spoiling my mother’s culinary surprises. I would end up revealing the ingredients by catching the whiff of her special preparations. By that logic, my olfactory senses were a bit heightened. An irritated aunt always said, “you were a dog in your last birth.”  Perhaps I was, but if it helps you relish and enjoy everything in a distinct manner who cares?

Coming from a slightly religious family, my memories of vacations include a lot of temples and shrines. Travels when young were usually with family. To put into the picture, one particular fragrance that shaped my life will be unjust for the many that have been prominent in my very being. Hence, I decided on making up an entire collection of my travelogues and the scent that touched me at that special journey.

Journeys to the land of aromatic inspiration 

Uttarakhand- The teerth yatra 
This one was really special, as this is one of the first vacations I remember. I was in 7th standard and it was with grandparents, parents and family friends. So, the so-called Yatra was nothing but a great holiday at a hill station for me. Though good but having heightened senses for smells also puts you into troubles.

Travelling hence is a mixed experience because you encounter everything and everyone with various sorts of smells.
We had visited the four major religious spots in Uttarakhand, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath and Kedarnath. We had hired a private bus andGarlands at the Temple / मंदिर की माला 
The fragrance of fresh jasmine garlands was overpowering. And along with the people, with a heart of worship, the atmosphere was too elegant to stand in. Many times, I have seen small children’s picking on the fallen Jasmine flowers, reminding me the days of school when me with my friends used to do that. No matter, the flowers are dusty or dull, the smell of that flower will and always bring a smile on every women’s face.Kerala- A school trip 
Massage Oil from Kerala/ केरल का मसाज तेल 

It was truly a bouquet of massage oils, like Brami Oil for head massage, Raksha Oil for body massage, Thailam was nothing less than a ‘never-forget-experience’.

Sandalwood / चन्दन :

Have you ever thought of the age of the tree when you are enjoying the amazing massage of essential oils like Sandalwood. Well, in Kerela, that was one of the most amazing fragrance that I enjoyed and would recommend many to try the goodness of Sandalwood.

Lahore: A far fetched dream 

The first step outside the country, that too in the neighbourhood with a not-so-friendly image. I was surprised when my parents agreed on my venturing into the new country for a student conference.
Mouth Freshener from Lahore/ लाहौर का मुखवास
The aroma of saffron 

The Old age tradition of eating Mukhwas or mouth-freshener in India was being followed in Lahore also. The blended Saffron taste in your mouth, will not only complete your appetite but also fill you with the aromatic fragrance.

Malaysia: Finding Love  

Honeymoons were the first adventure with the life partner. A quest for love, add to it the doubts, the freedom, the excitement and the nervousness. Malaysia was very overwhelming and hospitable. We visited a lot of places, including the heavenly Langkawi Islands.
Surprisingly, owing to a lot of wedding fervour I had developed a very sweet tooth and I enjoyed the savoury desserts there in Malaysia

Waffles in Malaysia /मलेसिया की मिठास    The scent of Honey & Cinnamon:

The morning can make your day, no matter what’s the scenario. In Malaysia, at Madame Waffle in the with a variety of flavours, mine was honey-cinnamon. The gems are fragrant and perfectly crisp outer layer and fluffiness within. It was the perfect curve we needed for our little vacation.

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