Woh Saat Din, Woh Saat Vegetarians: Lahore, Pakistan

I have been to Pakistan and suffered in terms of food options. Because I am a vegetarian. But, I think I was not the only one.

I read this– a blog within a blog


Here is an excerpt from this blog from sme Indian in Pak. Love the sense of humour and distress. I felt the same when I was there for 7 days.

“It is almost impossible to go vegan in Pakistan — a country where one collects points for buying meat and more meat

The 10 types of meats at dinner tables don’t surprise me anymore. I also know too well that the section for vegans, if at all, may have a few greens thrown in with chunks of meat (palak-gosht). The dal may also be special — because it has been cooked in mea

It is not that I am a compulsive vegetarian — I do like to eat meat once in a while — but sometimes when I am in a mood to eat veggies I just don’t know where to head. The options in Islamabad are almost always limited to khatte baingan with khatti daal or khatti daal with khatte baingan atCafe Lazeez or more recently at Lahori Chatkhara.

Today I learnt of a Pakistani blogger who is vegan. Abdul Majeed is a medical student and it was such a pleasure reading his post.

“Folks, I confess to being a minority. No, I am not a non-Muslim, gay, lesbian, atheist or fat. I am a vegetarian. I have spent most of my life answering stupid questions like ‘why aren’t you eating anything beta, do you have a medical problem?'” Majeed posted on his blog “Courage to Differ”.

Majeed confirmed my fears that there are no exclusive vegetarian restaurants in Lahore, Islamabad or Peshawar. “The maximum I can get at fast food restaurants are French fries,” he wrote.

Majeed also mentioned a Facebook group dedicated to Pakistani vegetarians (has only 30 members!!!) — which is also where I learnt a new conspiracy theory: being vegan = weak = Indian!!”

Read full on their blog. just stumbled on it so shared.

Perhaps these are the times when one needs an app which can help ordering¬†food. Tinyowl App surely needs an outlet in Lahore for Indians. ūüôā¬†

Anybody listening? 

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