Jaipur Jaipur.. hurr hurr.. :)

It was first journey alone on a train to Jaipur. Of course, excited I was. Not expecting too much. but i had my ideas about ‘good’ company that would make my morning hours worth all the effort. For 4-5 hours long journey definitely needs some inspiration and motivation. But then.. if only wishes had wings.

Anyhow, my excitement to all this woke me up directly at 4 30 am. During exams I needed more than ten kinds of alarms and people to wake me up at that hour and still I used to oversleep. Perhaps, it was similar to the feeling right before the school picnic- waking up early naturally, as if you will have extra fun by doing so.
So, the journey started well. i felt independent enough, the initial jitters now vanished and i flaunted my feminine traits (the very few i possess) so as to indicate my no-nonsense-outlook, at the same time ‘oh-so-interesting-creature’ looks.. will dwell into them later.. 🙂
I saw a movie on my ipod-summer school. fun thi.. You should watch it, a laugh riot. Got free breakfast in shatabdi, i savouired every bit. i am not much of a breakfast person but -free tha na.. toh i ate everything.. hehehe. I also got a ‘fruity’ look alike drink called ‘ditto’ like they couldn’t name it better. it tasted yuckyyy..
After reading Satyajit Ray’s ‘Feluda’, around 9am I decided I should sleep for a while. but the man sitting behind me was hell bend on announcing it to the train that he was on his way to Jaipur.. hurray!!
let’s call him the Sarkari Babu, atleast he sounded like one man.
SB – Arrey Sharma Ji, namashkar 
Sharma– blah blah
SBhaan haan bahut kaam hai aaj kal toh..kya bataun bas (mat batao yaar)
Sharma- yeah right (like what else a person will say to such a show off anyway.. )
SBarrey nahi, mein kahan. mujhe anwar shab kahan saans lene dete hein. ab aaj hi jaiour jaa reha hun. abhi mein train hu 
Sharma– Thank God he is going to Jaipur (I hope he said that)
SB- Ab Aapke hotey huye bhi mere saath yeh kya ho reha hai. kabhi yahan kabhi wahan.
Sharma– blah… (must have hung up, but that did not stop mr.SB)
SB– Oh network gone. Indian railways sir.
SB phone call 2
SBhaan bhabhiji
Bhabhiji– arrey babau aap
SBarrey haan bhabhi aapki devraani aa rehi hai aaj apke paas. 
Bhabhijiaccha arrey wah. 
SBNahi Nahi, Mein nahi aa reha. mein jaipur ja reha hun  ( Arrey who asked man? why did he think he was so wanted everywhere) 
Bhabhiji– Thank god (I hope she said that)
SBApko pata hi hai kitna kaam kerwate hein yeh log
Bhabhiji – lagta hai woh aagayi (mera toh peecha chhod)
SBaccha haan mere paas bhi call aa reha hai.
SB phone call – 3
The 20,000 decibels voice on my ear drum continues as I try solving the feluda mystery amidst overpowering drowsiness.
SBarrey mishraji, aapne jhumein call hi nahi kiya (jhootha abhi kerh reha tha call aa rehi hai) 
Mishra– toh (why should He call anyway)
SBarrey aapka kaam ker diya mein ne. Tickets mil gaye hein aapke  
Mishramera kaam ohh accha ho ga koi… (m sure he had forgotten about it himself) 
SBhaan haan aapne keha tha na ek baar. Yeh toh mera farz tha. PAr mein mil nahi sakunga aapse. 
Mishramein ne kab keha milna hai. aaram se dijiyega
SB- haan abhi mein jai pur jaa reha hun… ( really!!)
Mishraarrey koi jaldi nahi hai
SB phone again… 
SBArrey tom / dick or harry (T/D/H)- hello!! Woh GMR ke notes jo tune note pad mein banaye the na. tmere ko bhej
T/D/Hwoh jo rough mein banaye they ek hafta pehle?
SBHaan wahi .. unko rough walon ko na ab kaam aayenge agle hafte. 
T/D/H- toh aapko aaj chaiye nahi? 
Holy crap – T/D/H don’t you know SB is on his way to Jaipur. 

All the work has to be delegated today itself.  All family calls have to be made today. 

And ofcourse he was on one point mission to ruin my sleep.. Gawwd.. I gave him some very very bad looks when I boarded of.  Kala Mucchad

The post is majorly in hindi. But I was too irritated to translate it in English. 🙂  


  1. hahahaha…now isn't Sarkari Babu real fun!! 😀

    i know that getting early thing without trying…n honestly i don't like it!

    n free breakfast toh toot padho ha? i like that attitude 😉

    word of the day: "mechon"(?!?!)

  2. ROFL!!!
    Ditto…I travel by rail a little bit. Doesn't ring a bell…
    Was this doodh..I mean dude for real!!?!! Awesome! :))
    He reminds me of this friend of my mum. Sanya…I am going to Singapore next week.(Call me for lunch b4 that) Sanya…I am going to Dubai..Sanya my tickets got canceled…Bunty broke his leg..Gaaawwwdddd.

    Grrr…Blunt Edges is first. 😀

  3. Hilarious I should say.Brought smiles all the way till end

  4. Woah! I mean I've met some irritating characters but this fellow has his own niche! 😛
    My theories-
    *Maybe he was going somewhere alone for the first time and wanted the whole world to know that he's capable of traveling alone(in his 40s!?)
    *Maybe someone else was paying for his short holiday!
    *Maybe he himself was paying for his short holiday for the 1st time 😛
    *Maybe he was scared of traveling alone(hence the phone calls)

  5. he he… you had 'fun' in the train all rgt…. its good to see you after so many days 🙂

    take care and keep writing…….

  6. hi..nice post…when did you go to Jaipur? Why did you got to Jaipur?? will be in campus for next couple of days!!

    BTW, check this: http://iifablog.com/iifa-insider-blogging-contest/

    somthing that will really make your vacation worth it…ek muft videsh yaatra ;)…all you need to do is blog!

  7. you've received an award at my blog!

  8. Hahahaha…
    LOL post Riddhi!
    I had got deterred in reading this due to the size*ya right, as if I show the soul of my wit in the “brevity” of my posts*
    But once this began…it was a joyride!
    You are such a funny bone!
    Loved your reactions just as much as I loved to hate the SB!
    The take on “Ditto” made me smile too:-)
    *did Frooti pay you for this…you can ask them to;-)*

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  10. 🙂 hahaha. Really nice one. That is one big reason I love train journeys and I love to travel alone 🙂

    'Summer School' has been added to my 'Films to see' list 🙂

    My favorite lines in this one :-

    "… the initial jitters now vanished and i flaunted my feminine traits (the very few i possess) so as to indicate my no-nonsense-outlook, at the same time 'oh-so-interesting-creature' looks.. will dwell into them later.. 🙂 "


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