Déjà vu

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It was a bright, sunny, afternoon illuminating her dead living room. Her eyes strained to adjust with the light now cascading through the blinds of the window. Next to the broken vas, the shards of mirror and the useless pieces of furniture lay her curled up little body.

Was she alive? She thought. Was she wanting to be alive, she wondered.
Her hand bruised, bandaged with a white handkerchief tied around the wrist. The blotchy bit of cloth looked old and pale. Perhaps, it has been often used for the same purpose. Her head was throbbing.
As she saw the 18 years of her life in this very room. What was she to do? Who was she?
She could certainly not remember everything. Anything.
She searched herself in the many broken pieces on the floor. She picked one of them and the rays refracted and she smiled. Smiled.
It was here birthday and the room was lit with 16 candles and his smile. Their friends had made the day unforgettable. They had slept on the couch that day.
She jolted from the memory. As she saw one of her shadows cry. She moved closer picked it up and saw the day outside hospital. And in his arms she had wept till dawn. He was there with her all the time. The days had seemed so long but he had made the sorrow go away.
Suddenly, the sound of the tap tickled her senses, reminding her of the Mumbai monsoons. Last year they were stuck in home for three whole days. And the days were still vivid and fresh in her memories.
She felt dizzy and held her self to keep her gaze steady. The cracked ochre walls, the pale red curtains and the burnished photo frame. She swept the floor and made her way into the kitchen.
She saw the clock it was three. The calendar said it was 26th. He would be here any moment now. She put herself together and staggered her way to the bedroom. Changed into a beautiful chiffon saree, wore the bangles and the high heel sandals.
She rushed to the railway station and thought she will surprise him. It was a great plan. She hated to wait and he had always told her that she should not bother to surprise her. And she will never succeed in doing so. This time she will. She knew.
But, perhaps he wants to surprise her. Trains came. Trains went. Must have missed it or may be she did not see him. Oh right! She was so busy looking for him and all these uniform walas looked the same. She had seen so many of them since her marriage that being amidst them gave her a sense of déjà vu, she thought.


She anxiously waited for a familiar face as one of them walked towards her. She knew him and relief swept her.
“Captain Ramesh” she waved and walked towards her “Where is Ani?”
He gave her a quizzical look and said “He did not mention you will be coming.”
“Ohh silly, How will he, if he did not know?” said she.
“Come let us go. He must have left for home.” said Ramesh.
They went back home. Ramesh opened the door and told her to wait. He must be here any moment now. May be he had planned another surprise. So, she should stay inside.
As she waited, it was twilight. Ramesh was gone. The yellow of the sun now entered her room. Squalid. Old. Tired.
 She saw the red flow inside her room. The vision again dwindling, a glance shot towards the pile of newspapers in the corner of the balcony. She wiped sweat off her forehead as the vermillion trickled down her neck.
She lay there forever, she thought. There lay the broken pieces of her bangles, the mirror and this time she did not sweep them away.
Where was he? It was late.
And there he was, smiling in his starched green uniform, hanging on the wall.
He still looked so handsome. Her heart went flippety flop, like a teenage girl, she thought. The uniform had always fascinated her.
She loved him.
Was he laughing at her? He certainly had a sadistic side. He loved it when she used to get irritated and was smitten by the expression on her face with her beautiful pout.
She smiled. Yes, he was doing it again. Silly me thought she, as a wave of darkness took over again.


  1. super engaging story rids… I luv ur short stories… keep 'em coming!

  2. gripping!
    the exam season sure brings out the story-teller in u 😉

    "Perhaps, it has been often used for the same purpose."…was that a clue?

    word of the day: "jpeedos" ("speedos" with a 'j') 😉

  3. I seriously was so into it. Good one.

  4. @Nim- thanks babe.

    @Blunt- thanks. and wow u are early to comment. i like it young man. and yes that was a clue. u got it as well. well done..

    Jpeedos- 'J' is silent and u say 'Peedos' it is Riddish for 'kudos' 😀

    Word verification is 'prefula' patel? 😀

  5. @HArini- Thank u so much. So glad that u liked it.

  6. Wow. I am so wowed by this tale.
    So gripping. And so differently narrated.
    Loved it Riddhi. Loved it to the core! 🙂

  7. wow..wat a story!!!

  8. very well written….quite gripping indeed!

  9. @Choco- Thanks. i wrote coz u said u missed them. or else i had a proper funny thing in mind.. Thanks for making me write. it's been a while.

    @Communi-glad u liked it.

    @Diwakar- coming from u. it surely means a lot. Thanks.

  10. Regarding upon the thoughts you've potaryed, it gives many thoughts upon the evnts that occured, you have not just said abt the 2 charecters but how it binds many other events as well… brilliant

    love the detailing towards the story… the start is brilliant… keep em coming… 🙂

    take care and keep writing………..

  11. Aww Riddhi…Touched and flattered that I had something to do with such amazing writing! Thank you. 🙂

  12. of course…nothing misses the smart young man! 😀

    'peedos'? is it Riddish or kiddish? 😛

    maybe that's the mrs.patel! 😉

    word – 'mings'…had a chinese restaurant near my college called 'hao ming'…reminds me of the wontons 😀

  13. @thousif- thanks. I enjoyed ur story vaise.. nice twists and tales.. was worth the five parts.

    @Choco- thanks, The pleasure is all mine, i usually cant write randomly like that.. n for a change i sat and it just came. nt good as such. bt glad that ppl seem to like it… thnx.. i hv always been a fan of ur writing.so the appreciation stays mutual.

    @Blunt- good smart young man.
    It is riddish. riddish never kiddish. duh?

    😛 u dnt want mrs.prefula patel upset.

    ohh mings.. is those chinese soya sauce and all wali company.. u got the connection.. way to go 'SYM' 🙂

    wrd veri- fiese… german? some german guy or so.. may be..

  14. Great story teller and story. You write we read…ahhh!

  15. absolutely loved it 🙂

  16. Look I am daft… but I think I understood the story… I am not sure…

    I believe she was hallucinating after cutting her wrists… for her husband who died on the battlefield…

    Lemme know if I got it…

    I love your story telling style though… make the reader do all the work and fit the jigsaw together…

  17. @gray- thanks. without readers there wont be any story tellers 🙂

    @soubhik- glad that u did. 🙂

    @ATMM- parent, 🙂 hmm about the slow processing of the mind that meanders..guess we have discussed it in the past..hehhe

    about the way u saw the story. See this can be read any number of ways. u can see she was actually losing it that she went through the process every time. like going to the station and the people leaving her back.

    u can also say that it was all in the state of hallucination. which is also right.

    now in both the cases the feel it gives is that of a 'routine' a deja vu of sorts that it has happened before.

    U can read it the way u want it. I just wrote the way it came to me.
    and thanks for reading. feels good to hv u here.
    baccha 🙂

  18. hmmm.. interesting mummy…

    I think you are very very creative… and awesome storyteller… and that you have a dark side to your writing that gives it an edge that many crave for…

    Now… dont mind this… if you do, please be upfront, and I promise I wont do this again… If I didnt think you had awesome potential.. I wouldnt bother with the feedback (which is coming unasked for anyway)…

    I got lost in the story somewhere… it kept me hooked because of the writing… but the structure… things turning 180 degrees mid paragraph… A little more patience… the story wouldn't hurt with a little more length… which would have allowed you to delve into each crucial moment… of pain, longing, nostalgia, psychedelia and hallucination.. take the reader through the ride…

    You have all the makings of a brilliant descriptive writer… but please don't be in a hurry to finish the story… with your creativity… you can keep readers hooked on for pages…

    Forgive me if I offend… I look forward to more wonderful work on your blog…

    All the best… keep writing…

  19. @ATMM- THANK YOU SO MUCH. 🙂 and about parent .. u said m ur baccha… i dint say u r mine..hehhe.. gotcha…

    NO offence taken. i am so happy that actually took the pains to dwell into it with such details. thank u so very much man. this means the world to me.
    I will definitely try and bridge the gaps between the stories i write.

    and about the hurry- that remains the manufacturing defect- frm walking to talking.. guess the rate of speech and the flow of thoughts jostle to come out with such a force and frequency that i am in a hurry to reach a logical end asap.

    Thank u so much ..really i was wondering wat was losing.n u nailed it. 🙂

    looking forward to deliver better works here at my blog

  20. Beautifully written. I love the random flow. Its so haphazard that it keeps you hooked. Keep writing!

  21. now dat was nice!!! luvd the blurring differences between the time line… loved the shift of paradigm

    and obviously luvd the way u metaphorize big emotions with small details!!

    "flippety flop" now dats 1 word i think got lost in the 90's…thnks fr reviving it!!

  22. Whoa loved this…I read the comments bfr mine..and after wat Mindey had said..aur kuch kehne ke liye raha hi nahi..

    Keep writing girl 🙂


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