Of Frandships, Lauuu and Forwards.

While, it’s exam time and I am trying to de-internetalize myself. But the more I try, the more I fail. Anyhow, this reminded me of days when all these networking sites were part of a budding industry. They were not as addictive as today, for many of us, including me they can be termed as a ‘ way of life’.

Started from Orkut, Hikut, kutkut,chirkut; (I am not funny. I know)
Then Hi-five, hi six, hi eight- oh lord! I have put on weight. (I am a poet, not funny)
Now face book, foot book, hand book, (SHUT UP)
Everything other than course books.

I remember getting weird forwarded messages which formed the fodder for humour for me. Like the concepts of various funny days and funny wishes you were to make and forwarding the mails will make them come true. Crap. Now here is what I came across yesterday in my Inbox trash. It is more than an year old. Have you ever heard of National I Love you day? hushhh VHP / BJP might get offended.

Today is national I LOVE U DAY if u get this that means u are loved. Send this to 10 people in the next 143 min and today will be your best day ever. Tonight at midnight your true love will realize that they love u. something good will happen to u at 1-4 pm tomorrow, it could be anywhere. Get ready for the biggest shock of ur life, if u break this chain u will be cursed w/ relationship problems for the next 10 years. If u get it back ur loved if u have a lot of love for someone… copy and send this to your whole list… in five min

Best expressions: 143min;Tonight at midnight; something good will happen tommorow anywhere,1-4pm very specifi ; wah systematic; biggest shock of my life; I am certainly cursed w/ relationship problems and now i know why.. super 😀

Next are the Frandship messages I got via Orkut once upon a time… I love them. Three contenders for the Best “offer”

At number three:

hi this rahul from noida well im looking for a friendship im funloving guy . i liked ur profile well liked to be ur friend. plz msg me


Best expression: well;
very sober… indeed.

At number two:

h r u, i m sunil from delhi
i m looking some new friends
can we talk like a simple friend
plz reply

Best expressions: “h r u”
He surely talks like a ‘simple friend’ but, does’nt know I am way too complicated.

And the award goes to:

how ru
i had read abt u though this site but its not enough for me to make any well being relationship with any one to whome i dont know , well its my goodness to be a friend of urs if u except it ,i had click here coz i like ur smile its to cute as like as u r and ur dimple on ur face and i like ur pic u look to preety,hey yaar can u tell me something more abt u so i can know u much widerly if u dont mine. and tell me ke can we be good friends or u dont like to have a friend of mine i know its quick to ask u but i m very straight forward person and i also dont like to hangout a person ,wel its my philosophy if u like a person or if u want to tell something u have to tell it just dont think abt the answere of opposite person what ever is in ur heart u have to tel him or her, i know its doesn”t likes u but yaar thats i m . anyways hey tell me ur ans ok i will wait for it ok bye take care see ya soon

This message was sent to you by ronak the ……loving person!!!

Best Expressions: Way too many to quote hangout a person, ur dimple on ur face-mind it “my” dimple on “my” face not yours; to have a friend of mine-a friend of his..neah i like him better, i can know u much widerly: No thanks…. well its his philosophy 😛

Speechless. I love this one…Winner Hands down

I am not too friendly it seems … Well I am a straight forward person Hehehe


  1. The number one place is well deserved…though i have something shorter and completely hilarious…my friend one day called up, very unlike her (she is a missed call person), and asked me to check her orkut…guess what…the message reads, "I love you, can we talks?"…and the guy looked as if he had a limping nose (if thats possible)> I know i am mean…but don't let the simpleness of the statement mislead you…its the directness thats funny…

    "If u want to tell something u have to tell it just dont think abt the 'answere' of opposite person what ever is in ur heart u have to tel him or her"..what poetry though…one vital question though, out of sheer curiosity…why do you still have these messages?

  2. @Mowgli: Nice to talks to u. My answere to ur Q is in simpleness. ok it is difficult to converse in this lingo. I am too lazy when it comes to deleting mails. Other than Ronak’s mail I was unaware of the other three’s existence. I am now keenly surfing through the entire Inbox in case I find any more artistic works. 😛

  3. i generally m not a fan of language snobbery but this is way too hilarious to be taken on that plain…man now m off to look thru the scrap book of all the women in my orkut ‘frandlist’ 😀

  4. The last one was hilarious! and orkut has often provided fodder for such humor! I remember this msg which read, “U looks very nice. It is interesting to have frandships with you. please call i live near to you.we can be friends”
    Highlights- “it is interesting to have friendships with you”- Really? how does he know? And “I live near to you”- Oh! so close to my heart! hehehe:) Padh le ladki..and same applies to you Yuvraj! papers on our heads!

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