Flash Back

Ring out the old, ring in the new, For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.
T.S. Eliot

Firstly the various disasters that erupted this year cannot be summed up in words. I can just show my grief and pay my homage to the lost lives and hope the next year is better. I sound like Shivraj Patil, I don’t have an option.
Though, it feels like yesterday, when I was in IIMC and enjoying my winters, anticipating my second semester exams. But, its been an year now. It is very hard to say good bye. 2008 has ‘passed away’ literally. As always, we will bid farewell to this one too with pomp and show. New Year Parties, Cakes, Loud music and what not. A well packaged farewell.
Turning back I see plethora of images that this year brought with it. events that changed the course of events in my life.

The personal ones

1) 2008 started with the endless wait, restlessness, the anxiety and the need to get placed somewhere. Then the excitement to get our degrees. Course at IIMC ended but gave me friends for life. Taught me a lot. Changed me as a person. Helped me keep my insanity intact. Convocation was culmination of everything, a formal end to the fantastic journey.

2) The first salary, the feeling of independence. The freedom, the pride in holding my first pay cheque.

3) The new found office life. The bitter lessons of work place politics. The real world — BIG BAD WORLD!

4) A friend in need is a friend indeed– the importance of friends realised. The true test of friendship was at helm of affairs. Everyone jostled at work place to fight out the fatigue and pressure, this is when the real ones showed courage to stand up for each other. Thanks to all for being there for me, with me. We were all in the same boat.

5) Internet means a lot more to me now. I found new set of people to befriend, people who were not so close in the real world were now part and parcel of my daily life. The virtual world brought people closer. Distance meant nothing. Soubhik Da and Akash Uba are the perfect example of such new found intensity in friendship. The importance rose and ofcourse Blogging gifted.

6) India Today Aspire: My first workplace gave me the opportunity to be a part of the young brigade out there. With Kan-Tan and Diksha around, work seemed a lot more easier. It felt I was part of another happy-go-lucky group. Shruti acted best with her constant vigil at the same time the friendly attitude. The best place to work, all thanks to the friendly environment and people. RahulT’s comic reliefs in the middle of messy work crisis and ofcourse cakes and Bluestar :D. Diksha’s endless quest for her exam datesheet. Raj’s sarcastic comment; Bugging Sonika constantly and having a good laugh over wrong numbers. The group was a bunch of junkies eating cool mint, bhelpuri, Chutki. It was all good fun — a great experience.

7) Covert: I met as well as worked with the finest of the lot. The best journalists, the best people. I can not forget the crazy eternal eating spree (it followed me all the way), the long discussions, the Edboard meetings, (where we were officially allowed to be dumb for the first two meetings), Joyeeta Ma’am’s scolding and hunting for Mad Sad Bad world page pictures, the walk to deserted monument at nizamuddin with appu and bossali , making life hell for the Stephens Shylock- Appu with constant nagging and leg pulling, Ashish Sir’s Poetry, Nitin’s computer hunting, Bhushan ji’s fancy ringtone, My surprise Bday Bash…loved it all. Climactic point was the super gracious Mr.Akbar’s Bday Gift. Wow made my day.

8) Shifting to Green Park office: Another journey, as my travelling hours increased. Appu, Baishali, Riddhi, Rawat Ji were now joined by my little woman -Bula Ma’am. It has been wonderful knowing her, especially the other side of her — the fun loving little rebellious self who feels so much like myself. Miss you a lot. While I was leaving we were joined by Mr.Prayaag. Frankly speaking, I expected someone who would put on airs. Perhaps, I was prejudiced. I hated looking for Sports gossip for his pages ;). Surprisingly, he was the politest of the lot. I have to agree that someone more humble than Appu does exist.

9) www.askbaish.com: Bosaali Question Bank deserves another point. A fine balance between maturity, sincerity, innocence, curiosity etc etc. A great friend and a great sister to have. I spent more hours with her than my family after all. She is a wonderful being and a responsible, aware, journalist. She will be on the top very soon. The only person who was there with me in the thick and the thin throughout.

10) Health Hassles.. hated it

11) Coming back to college: Good and bad. Mixed feelings. Still in the transition phase.

12) Watched some good movies this year: Rock on, Oye lucky lucky oye, Welcome to sajjanpur.. these are the only ones i can think of right now.

13) Crush List hehhe 2008.. David Spade, Ahmedinijad, Farhan Akhtar, Luke Kenny, Shehenshah

14) Crappy offers from unknown people. Lecherous annoying weird people kept on trying their luck for reasons not known. But. Mr.Navy who wanted to establish human relationship won it hands down!! But, a special thanks to the knight in the shining Armour — Mr.unknown saviour — who saved me from the weird situation in the metro.

15) Last but not the least DELHI METRO became the highlight of my year. The only means by which i stayed in touch with everyone. I bumped into people whom I never thought of seeing. Life in a metro.


  1. ek monumental year end post mein naacheez k naam zikr karne k liye shukriya :)…my 15 microseconds of fame…oh i lauube it 😛

    PS: shenshah was ultimate 😀

  2. Hehehe..I remember the Human relationship thing! hilarious!!apstp


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