I just finished reading Super Perceptions.. Urban Legend for the Nth time I suppose.. Supernova thanks for documenting the most wonderful moments of our lives. (sounds like I am thanking a super hero for rescuing us from doom). I used to think Delhi University is ‘the’ place where I want to be. But, I do not belong there any more. Getting admission into MA was like my second coming into ‘my’ space. Supernova calls me a ‘bad judge of people’ but I realised, its places as well. I am a bad judge in short.
People make places worthwhile. Places otherwise do not hold the same importance. I have finally realised this and have been realising this everyday. Thanks to Hitesh, I am at least surviving in that otherwise super sincere class room packed with aliens.
I flip through the diary from college. The last few pages are from people whom I got to know more after college.
Its fun to read those few especially, as it looks the diary was forced on the poor souls. 🙂 But true gentlemen as they were, they went on to write some gracious words. I would like to share a few here….

Tenzin: “I like Du Beat a lot …….” (really? this one is my favourite)

“I think you are president of every damn society of our college” …
“U have made Ramjas English famous”
“Thank you for sparing 3 pages”
“Roll no. 1045”
Vineet: “Your collection of Hindi jokes is as big as mine”……
“Rock on”…….
“We come from opposite poles of morals, it is pleasantly surprising” …
[PS: you forgot our “hair raising” competitions vineet. Which you won hands down]
Though, Panna I knew better than the other two gentlemen.. Here was his observation…
Panna: “You are a fun girl who is very fast with signing blank certificates and you sit cross legged on the desk” [observation :)]
“you have a sense of humour as low as mine”
“PS: You are welcome…”

Miss the good old days.


  1. mamaaaaaa! now i wanna cry!


  2. U admit that u are a bad judge of people? Redemption, all over again!!

  3. haha…. shit this day had been wiped clean from my memory, till i read your post.

    @baharul – jackass, you missed the whole point of this post!


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