When Studies are ‘seriously-funny’

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I have often come across weird researches and studies done by i dont know crazier people then me. Idle people and there are people as Idle as me who read such stuff.. here is a collection of top five this week.. will try and get the best researches every week. 🙂

Now Apologize to Your Grandmother: “Old People Smell” is a Myth, Study Says

Looking good: You’re hired, study shows
The demand for attractive employees runs across many industries, but doesn’t add to the company’s profit margins, a recent study in Sweden showed.

Study links tattoos to personality disorder
Getting a tattoo is so common it almost seems like a rite of passage for young people. But a new study sheds a little light on personality characteristics that prompt some people to get tattoos.

Testosterone: Man hits sexual peak at 22, says study

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  1. Please elaborate the last point..
    and if its true, then shit I’m already 23..:(


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