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This is a conversation with my Vanteline!! and we were discussing about a letter sent to his editor by a really unique man. The name of the person has been changed.
Dear Editor
Let me introduce my self, I am Mr. X Kumar from chennai city(India) and I have unique powers.
I would like to bring it to the notice of Indian Express in resolving global warming.
I can attempt to bring rain even in desert areas.
I can stop rain when it is raining heavily.
I have the El-Nino- power. You know what EL-NINO means. If you don’t know refer Google.
I can change the earth quake pattern. You, know what I mean?
You can contact me on my mobile number.Please dial 91**********.
I have a Valid International passport.
I am working as a BPO professional in Chennai City (India).
Mr.x kumar
Sent at 3:31 PM on Friday
And here is the conversation that followed. Though, the conversation is of personal nature, the discussion that follows has a lot to talk about the new age Hindi Television news.
me: hilarious
i have a crush
VAnteline: wat crush…on Mr X Kumar?
me: yes
After all he has unique powers
fwd it to India tv
and they have a story
kaun hai yeh aadmi jo apne aapko X Kumar kehta hai
kahin yeh X prabhu ka avtaar toh nahin
Vanteline: i guess they already hav one…btw forwarded u TV grabs of india tv’s leading story
check itout
me: kya iskey paas hai jaadui taakat
Vanteline: hahahah
me: yeah i saw those “Love triangle of Tigers”
Vanteline: kya ye kar sakta hai Vidharba ka bhala
me: Chennai ke ladke ko Chaain nahin hai
Vanteline: hahaha
me: Chaain tabhi aayega jab woh baarish rokenge
kya paryavaran ke rakshak is baat per vishwaas karenge.. Kya hai Mr.X ka sach
yeh sirf hum jante hein
Saain baba X Kumar ka sach batayenge
aaj raat 10 baje
India TV per
Vanteline: riddhi covert chod..india tv join karle…joke maarne k paise milenge…wo bhi bahut saare
me: heheheh
yeah i have seen amazing news form India TV
now m trained
last i saw was Cows disappearing
from Foregin countries
and Guess what UFOS are taking away their cows
Vanteline: i kno..saw dat as welll
me: they have videos and photos of firangs to prove how cows fly
krishna aayega apni gaiyya ko bachane
Vanteline: n de had a pandit ji for getting d mythological context
me: I had better ideas.. they just missed on the “chhoti chhoti gaiiya chhote chhote gwal”
bas bhajano ki kami thi
either aliens are beef eaters..or they are short of milk
two conclusions
Vanteline: or they don’t hav manure to plow there fields yeah
The conversation might look like a joke. The ironical tone cannot be ignored. Me, Vanteline and many more like us are intricately woven to this ‘Media’ web. The present state of television news channels, especially hindi, is really deplorable. The concept of 24 hour news channels is really new for our country. It is around a decade old. And as usual we have followed the west in its conceptualisation. I was shocked to find that the incidents like ‘prince’ were also a take on missions taken by US army for some kid who fell into a tunnel.
The problem with us is that now, we have forgotten the real aim behind the very inception of 24 hours news channels. The TV channels are at present behaving like toddlers who are trying each and every method to grab the parents’ attention. In a country like India everybody seems to want attention. Be it the political parties with their dharnas, or the television actors with their larnas (sorry it was rhyming so, i went with the floI meant ‘fights’) or the news channels with no limits to their imaginations.
The wide array of topics: Indian wrestlers, Flying Saucers, Flying cows, murder mysteries, babas, bhoots, talking trees, rat eating plants, kids falling into tunnels/ wells/ditches etc. etc.
What hurts is that they have made a mockery out of a tragic death of an every day teenager. We still continue to judge our morality levels by separating ourselves from the crowd. The one on the screen is immoral than us and aah what a respite it is for our egos.
I hope we all realise that anybody’s death certainly qualify as ‘news’ . But, we should never confuse it with ‘entertainment’.


  1. hmm…nice…if i’d ever want to learn the art of turning the usual time pass convo/joke into a ‘reflective’ and introspective peice of feature-article i shal knock on your door rids…more so as your phone perpetually failing to connect my thoughts with yours 😉

  2. btw….EL Nino means

    El Nino is a shift in ocean temperatures and atmospheric conditions in the tropical Pacific that disrupts weather around the world. It is a poorly understood recurrent climatic phenomenon that primarily affects the Pacific coast of South America, but has dramatic impacts on weather patterns all over the world.

    Pronounced ‘El-Ninyo’, it means ‘the boy’ in Spanish and was named so by Peruvian fishermen after the Christ child since its effects are generally first felt around Christmas. It is a periodic warming of the Pacific Ocean that leads to terrible extremes of weather. The precise causes, intensity, and longevity of El Nino are not very well understood. The warm El Nino phase typically lasts for 8–10 months or so.



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