The Magic Pan time traveller

Little mischievous brains at work
Thought of a crazy plan
To bring down the evil cook
With the help of a magic pan

So, they stole the key to store
And made their way to hall
Where they heard the watchman snore
And saw the kittens crawl

As, the kitchen gate was open
They made their way to store
To place their pan with the cauldron
And they did not ask for more

They all went to bed
With eagerness for dawn
With excitement in their heart
They did not even yawn

The first ray of sun
Dawned their days of hope
They rushed to school for fun
With frog, stick and rope

As the Morning Prayer was done
And the breakfast hour was on
The dining hall was packed
With faces dull and worn

Usually the food was stale
Or served absolutely raw
With no spices or salt
The food got stuck in jaw

Today it was different
The plan was done and set
As all waited for the food
Full of worms and rodent

The magic pan in the kitchen
Had done its wondrous job
Without any stove or knife
The food was cooked and chopped

The cook was shocked and stunned
But did not utter a word
He couldn’t take his brunt
So, passed the food forward

But, he knew the little devils
Who were after his life
Dying for a revenge
He headed to the hills

He met the evil wizard
To break the spell of pan
But the powers he said were such
the magic world could not fend

He went back dejected
Intent to break the pan
He could not even move it
It was too heavy for a man

The kids in the meantime
Laid their cards again
With the frog tied to a rope
They waited for the rain

The magic worked again
As it started to pour
They rushed inside the rooms
With much applause and roar

The lights then went off
And it was, as dark as night
So, they lit their torches and candles
Wore robes starched and white

So, lead by the roped frog
They marched into the kitchen
Armed and equipped they stormed
With broom, sticks and mob

The frog leapt at his chest
And the kids broke his back
He cried at his best
To save himself from attack

Nothing seem to work
In front of the crazy kids
The pan banged his head
While he went out of his wits

Thus, the cook got his lesson
From kids half his age
Now they get delightful food
To eat with ease and craze

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