winter dawns

I woke up to a misty dawn at my door step on Sunday. There was no sun nor were any signs of its guest appearance. It was a perfect morning for a hot cup of coffee in my bed, along with the usual morning news capsule.

The stage is set for the winter’s act and so is the theatre scene in the city. After Om Shanti Om, Saanwariya and the other high budget bollywood masala flicks it is time to fiddle with some new names. The time is set to revive the theatre culture and analyse the debutante in these fields. The visual impact of a live performance is far more effective than the 70mm screen. The originality of a stage performance and the tangible gratification of entertainment it provides is inexplicable.

The old world theatre Festival is one such event in the list of theatrical events to follow. Capital is flooded with various troupes which are set for issue based performances, rib tickling comedies and musicals.

Experimenting and innovating with creativity is reflected in their dramatic excellence. We have tried to capture it for you. Also bring to you the first hand experience of it.

Our heartiest congratulations to the fresh talents from various DU colleges who were part of this esteemed festival. A toast to their dynamism and also to beat the chills; dilli ki sardi… Charmed aren’t we?

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