“look what the hell is she wearing??”
“forget it…look at that guy’s shoes,must be branded!!!”
“eeeeeesh….orange jeans”
“4 heaven’s sake teach them how to teach us…”
“whoa!!!who on earth will buy that sweater???……….
“this hashmi guy should be assasinated….reshamiya should be locked an d made to hear his cacophony……………..

and there comes the much awaited “LAUGHTER”
isnt this much of routine for most of us…
all these lines seem to be a part of our life.perceptions as they call them.. have you ever thought that someone else holds the detailed discussion of “YOU” the same way as you do….
even you may be on somebody’s hitlist for their canteen pastime, colleague lampooning, or colony gossip….
how easily we promote our identity of that kewlll not to be bothered kinds.. but why do u actually have to have an opinion about everyone and anyone in this world… give it a break guys… okkk wat m i saying??
hello thats what we all do atleast half our life… be it a serial a song … we just love criticizing it… or commenting on it… pheww!!!
but i realized recently…that the things which may seem too FLASHy or cheap or wEirdo to me are the most happening and worth while things for mannnnnnny.. i hate some mujik which is lauweed or worshiped my soooo many.. that doesnot mean I am the only right..
crux being..have opininons just no transform them into rules to judge a person.. a person wearing funny colthes(as they seem to you) may have a heart of gold…
a person not having the same tastes as yours may turn out to be a fun person.. he has a right to have his own preferences ….. aaahaaan..

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  1. as somebody has said..

    "what we see is what we are"

    the opinion that we make about other people describes much about us then about them


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