How happy is the Hutch phone voice over woman?

The hutch phone you are tyring to call is not responding at the moment please call later…

All our customer care executives are busy, please stay on the line.. your call is important for us..

The simplification of everything has increased complications in our day to day lives… it is really irritating when you are calling someone and these pr-recorded voices seem to be ecstatic to inform you the unavailability of your dear one.
i mean please .. the phone is busy … or the customer is unreachable …
i feel like an OVER REACHER … enough ….
this is my sincere appeal to all the customer care and other pre recorded voices to kindly leave our lives for a while …
we were happier earlier


  1. why dont u use ur landline instead..btw I love the voice of that hutch woman..

  2. even worse when all this is said in regional language 🙁

  3. special reference to the hutch woman…
    gAWWWWddd.. she is happiest when we can't get throeugh..i'm sure she derives some sadistic pleasure of this!!!
    but on second thoughts .. i guess its better than certain rishi kapoor songs that "our frnds" set as thier hello tunes..
    trust me thats more of a torture….


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